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Where do I complain about bad service by ISP?

Hi guys,

This is a personal post. I have been using ACT Fibernet in Bangalore for over a year and for the past 1 month the service has been horrible. I am at my wits end literally ‘begging’ them for assistance despite paying my bills. I would like to know if there are any government portal where I can log a complaint for providing poor service. There seem to be many complaint boards online and I do not want mine to be just another in the pile. 

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks.



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  1. have you tried akosha? now helpchat? 

  2. Hi Sridhar,

    I got struck in a similar situation once with one of the largest ISP, and after talking to their VP and others there was no solution. Then I approached ombudsman. I got the result within few weeks.

    ~Sunil Suri 

  3. You can try Haptik for complaint follow up.

    I use ACT fiberNET in Hyderabad. They have less downtime and one of the few ISP who warn customers that we are having maintainence activities scheduled. From past three and half years, I am pretty much satisfied with the service here. 

  4. sridhar,

    has this been solved? 

  5. Hi Asha,

    After repeated attempts finally they solved the issue but I ended up buying a new router based on their inital feedback my router was at fault. Now when I asked them to compensate for that, the appellate authority said he cannot and gave canned responses. After having fought with them for over a month, I just left it at that. Will be switching to another ISP soon.

    Thanks for your support and tweets. I guess the public shaming did work.

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