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BERKSHIRE, Broken Kindles, Arty Shoes, Moojidoo, Martin Scorsese, SoulCafes & Wharton Beckons! [Sept 17-30, 2016]

Hey there Rodinhooder,

We’re back from a very memorable TRH Open House in Bangalore. We had some incredible sessions – we’re looking forward to the posts to come on the site in the following week! Catch the captures right here on our facebook album and please tag yourselves and your friends!


Thumba Dhanyavadagalu!

A big shout out to our Venue Partner Yahoo! for being the most amazing hosts ever! A special mention to all of our volunteers; we really appreciate the huge amount of effort everyone put in to organise this event! And of course, thank you attendees for taking time out to be a part of the awesomeness – Bangalore traffic is challenging indeed!


Coming to the week that was on TRH…

Wharton calling… first pitstop, Mumbai!

The 21st Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) Startup Competition is back! As their Outreach Partner, we would love for maximum participation from all of our early stage rodinhooders! Pls check out details and APPLY BY OCT 15! Last year Rodinhooder Ranjeet got lucky, this time it could be YOU!


Center stage

Alok interprets the acronym BERKSHIRE of Warren Buffet for Startups!

Rodinhooder Pardeep’s Kindle broke, and so did his heart. Did he get disheartened? Read what he did and how it got replaced for free! Errr the Kindle, not his heart :).

11 simple growth hacks to increase your productivity! These are really do-able tips by Saurabh. Do give the post a read; try a few hacks and share your own!

Running a startup is like being in a twisted Martin Scorsese thriller says Rodinhooder Deep. Find out why!

Rodinhooder Abhinav shares what 5 years of entrepreneurship feels like! Read his post and congratulate him!

Tavaga Update: Taking the Robo beyond investing! This was the interesting email they sent to their investors! Do you send out interesting emails? Share some with us!

Startup stage!

PushEngage – web push notifications for content sites

FGali – artist designed funky footwear – their crowdfunding campaign just got over but you can still buy their awesome shoes!! – an online testing platform

Moojidoo – an avatar based chat (for folks who are bored of normal chats!)

SoulCafe – a platform to build meaningful relationships!


Kriti’s latest comic ‘Fishing for a YES’ will resonate for sure!!

Any Social Entrepreneurs in the house?! Rodinhooder Sridhar wants to interview some for his research!! Pls connect or suggest!

So here’s an interesting pic from the OH. Email me your caption suggestions – the most creative one will get a shout-out in next Friday’s newsletter.


In case you missed the last one I sent out – grab it here!

An old friend of mine, a professional-turned-entrepreneur for 10 years now, attended the open house and said something to me that left an impression. Quoting him, “At the end of every single day, I have two metrics for myself: How much business did I do? And did I think of a new idea? (for my client, for myself, or for the world…)

think of one new idea every day.



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