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Ever thought of knowing your Entrepreneur score ? Here you go and evaluate

Dear Fellow Rodinhooders,

Entrepreneurship is bliss if we enjoy the journey and deeply understand the purpose .

At the same time, journey demands self analysis and also by some experts to tell where one stands, their strength and the areas they need to improve.

So we tried playing the expert role and after a vast and long research we are presenting “Entrepreneur Evaluation Tool” .

Why we created this tool?

Entrepreneurship and startups are the most heard and discussed words in recent times. Being a Market Research Company through our continuous research and interactions we found a gap where there is no solid or structural way to understand the preparedness of the entrepreneurs or wannaprenuers.

So we started our research a couple of years back. The Entrepreneurial skills evaluation has been derived on the basis of  17 traits as mentioned below. Self administrated questionnaires across each trait lays the foundation. 

Source and Validity of the Traits

  • The sources of the variables has its root from “Interpersonal Skills Evaluation Tests”.
  • Research team has scrutinised the variables and sub variables in order to make the self administered survey simple.
  • A pilot survey has been conducted across 50 entrepreneurs.
  • The survey responses has passed the evaluation of Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient test on a positive note.

We are evaluating the required 17 traits/characteristics.

Final report will provide

  1. Entrepreneur Score
  2. Score for each of the 17 Traits
  3. Recommended way to improve traits which need improvement.

This will be useful for entrepreneurs, wannaprenuers, startups, Investors, etc.


Success Stories – So far we received an extremely positive feedback and good response from entrepreneurs across India (Bangalore , Coimbatore, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai, etc ), Singapore, UK , Malaysia.

Most of the feedback says the test made them to fine tune their thought process. The final report helps them to understand their strengths, area of improvements, etc.

Hope this evaluation tool will help you all to improve your required skills.

“You can’t improve what you won’t face and own.”

Do spend time in taking the evaluation to make you a better Entrepreneur.

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