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Can somebody guide me the importance of having right domain name?

Hi all,

Mine is a stealth mode startup. I don’t have a product yet. I am planning to create MVP in next 6 months. Should I buy right domain name now. Or wait till it my product is ready?

Is it important at all to have a matching domain name to your company name, while you are in early stages. Should I buy any if at all?

My business is a B2B webapp. There are some which are similar to my business offering. Also what is the difference between .in, .co, com, .org etc.

What are your thoughts.


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  1. harsh – pls check out all the discussions indy singh has commented on and try to reach out to him. he is an expert in this field.

  2. Thanks..

  3. If you have a name in mind, and is available, go for the domain name now. Getting a nice domain name is not easy, so if you get something you like – grab it when it’s available for cheap. If it’s a lot of money then you have to make a call if it’s worth it.

    It depends. There are companies that do and there are that don’t have the same name(s). If you have only one product and you believe that would be the core of the business, then ideally you need a domain name that matches the product and the company. The challenge here is if the product changes you end up changing company name (if registered). If you’re really not sure about the product, you can create a holding company such as “Xyz Labs” – it gives the flexibility to play around with product and product name(s). Like I said, getting an exact domain name is tough sometimes, and then there are domain name squatters you have to deal with. If you’re building an app and your preferred name is not available, you can start with something like “” or “” or “” etc. and once you see your product works you can invest in your preferred domain name.

    .in is usually used for India specific websites, but if yours is a web app for B2B I doubt that would be the case

    .com is the most preferred for commerce but most difficult to get.

    .org is generally used for non-profits.

    .co is a recent one, and a good alternative to .com when .com is not available. many startups are using .co. If both .com and .co are available for a reasonable price, get both.

    there are hundreds of extensions, but the most preferred are .com and .co. However, there exist exceptions where it makes sense for ex: where the domain name extension makes no sense but it goes well with the product name.

  4. Thanks Rishi Gorantala. This will help me make a decision.

  5. Harsh, the first step I suggest to my customers is that they should look at .com domain name. If the domain is available then try registering the company etc, since .com is the most common and preferred name. Like someone would tell you that look at XYZ company, mostly you would try with .com domain. Other factor is that if you don’t have .com domain there are changes that if the other company is into same business might get benefit, since someone looking to XYZ might land accidentally to .com name company.

    Like I have registered all major extensions that i plan to use like , and etc but i mostly use and other domain we are working to get it focus on respective geography.

    Primary keyword is also very important if you are planning a domain name like in case of one of client, we suggested them Print My Wallpaper, where Wallpaper Printing is the key product, hence Print My Wallpaper make sense and capture two important keywords (SEO Point of View).

    Register your domain today if you plan to launch your product in 6 months of 1 year since it would help you build reputation. You can also create a single coming soon page and add google analytics so that it could at least be listed on google. Additionally book your domain for at least 3yrs.

    You can reach me at 9811122212 or email me at if you need additional help.

  6. Thanks Amit. I will call you once I reach that stage. However I will try to finalize the name. I am getting a .in name for very cheap $5.99 .com is very pricey. Cant afford $2,999. Will think about it once I have some revenue. 

    Thanks for the suggestions, will immediately buy .in, And think about buying .com, .co etc.. later

  7. Than Harsh I suggest you think of another name were you can get a .com extension.. book both .com and .in.. Also you should ensure that the name is not go big and difficult for someone to remember or spell.

  8. Thanks Asha – if I were an expert I’d be livin large…takin trips to India for all your Rodinhood events 🙂  It’s a fantastic platform!

  9. Yes, you should buy the domain name right away.

    Domain name is very important, since most of the extensions you have mentioned have been answered already, i would suggest you to take a look at the new gTLDs, you may find them a bit costly but its worth it.

    Since your webapp is a B2B app, for ex. if its a travel related app, you can go for a domain like and promote it via various ways.

    If you need more help or have any queries which others cant answer, you can give me a call anytime on 09029076290

    Would be happy to help you 🙂

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