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Case Study: How develops a hybrid cloud structure, easing maintenance while increasing agility

I was going through some more case studies on the Dell site and came across this one. is part of LeGuide Group – Europe’s #1 shopping network! LeGuide Group’s main consumer brands, Ciao, Webmarchand, Choozen, dooyoo and are visited by over 14.8 million consumers* in Europe every month.(*ComScore 07/2014)

I’m reproducing the highlights of this case study. 

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To drive success, wanted to quickly integrate acquired shopping portal Ciao as well as migrate its own core infrastructure to a new data centre, while integrating cloud-based IT.


The company worked with Dell Services to deliver its goals, building a unified platform based on Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell EqualLogic storage. It also chose Dell Cloud Services for its cloud-based IT.


• Customers gain value-adding services through easier IT innovation
• Company maintains leadership thanks to greater IT flexibility
• Business avoids disruption to services through tight collaboration
• lowers IT cost and boosts service with 40 per cent consolidation
• Firm can drive growth with increased business agility

If you have a retail site, you might want to read the entire case study which can be found here. 


Partner Case Study brought to you in association with Dell India.



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  1. Nice case study, but little inquisitive about the “third cloud-on-demand layer” that has been mentioned on top of the VMware hypervisor 

  2. hey ram, 

    have you gone through the entire case study? 

    let me know if you want me to ping someone in dell india to find out!

  3. Yup very much Asha Garu , would request you to just ask them this question else don’t trouble yourself as I would try to figure that out myself.

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