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Conference room required in Hyderabad


I am planning to conduct my “Art of Investing Workshop” in Hyderabad on 16th March 2013 (Saturday; 10 AM to 4 PM), and thus looking for a conference room facility for around 40-45 people.

Can someone please help me with this info?

Vishal Khandelwal
+91-80970 73918


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  1. hi vishal,

    sai is based in hyd and so are all these rodinhooders who have commented on this thread –

    i’ve shared your link as a comment there. let’s see.

    also you could write to – perhaps she could help you.

  2. Thanks for the help, Asha! Regards.

  3. Hi Vishal, 

    I do have place enough to hold that many ppl, but not the infrastructure. 

    Just to be sure, are you looking for free space or otherwise. I will be happy to help you out on this, which ever the case may be, and anyway i can.

  4. Thanks Shyam! Please help me with your email id/mobile no.


  5. Hi Vishal Khandelwal

      Please do mail me your details to   lets fix this ASAP 🙂


    Sai Pothuri

  6. Hi Vishal. You can contact me on, if needed.

  7. Hi Vishal, We have a room called Startup Studio in IIITH, it can accommodate good to the no. you are mentioning, Please provide me your contact, my contact: or 9985743059.

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