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#Dhandhekibaat April 2020 Webinar by Alok Kejriwal

The Dhandhekibaat April 2020 Webinar by Alok Kejriwal!

What is #dhanhekibaat?

It’s a thought process. It involves thinking about Business in simple, clear and actionable terms. Google #dhandhekibaat to understand more.

What is the content of the webinar?

  1. Welcome and Introduction by Alok Kejriwal.
  2. Alok shares 5 (five) #dhandhekibaat pointers that everyone should know and remember.
  3. Discussion amongst co-panellists.
  4. A business book recommendation.
  5. A personal improvement hack!

The webinar was super successful with over 200+ participants over the 1.5 hours duration.

Given the positive feedback received, stay tuned for more webinars being planned soon!


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