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A Funding Pitch and Business Deconstruction Template

Are you looking for a funding pitch and business deconstruction template? You’ve reached the right place!

Background – Why this template?

I have spent twenty long years ideating and creating new business ideas and then pitching them for funding. When I started up, there were no funding pitch templates available! We had to create our versions each time.

Pitching is hard and confusing:

Pitching is not an easy task, save alone for brand new business or idea. The process becomes a stumbling block for deserving entrepreneurs. There is a lot of confusion on what to add in a pitch deck and what to leave out. Should the deck be detailed or minimal? How many slides are too many or too few? As a result, pitch decking making becomes a har puzzle.

A Funding Pitch and Business Deconstruction Template

To make it easy for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, I’m happy to present my version of a  ‘Funding Pitch and Business De-Construction Template” and also a sample pitch example inside. (If you do go through the sample, you will be pleased to learn that the mock pitch has now become a very profitable and successful business!  Check Games2win)

Anyone can effectively use this funding pitch and business deconstruction template – new entrepreneurs to create pitches for their new companies and by existing entrepreneurs to de-construct their existing ventures.

If you’re already deep in your business, use this template like a mirror. A mirror never lies. It will make you examine your own operations in painful detail. Try it at your own risk! (Just kidding)!

What’s inside:

The central points of the deck revolve around the meditations of the five “W’s”. Namely: Why, What, When, Who, Where.  Why ALWAYS comes first.

– Why are you doing this business?
– What is the business about?
– Where, when, and with whom will you execute?

There is also an example of a financial model that I have created so that it’s easy for readers to replicate.

Go ahead and dive right in!


There is no “perfect” template. I’ve used this deck (and so have many others) and found it satisfactory. There are plenty of better and more effective templates out there. I suggest you examine many samples and then decide which one to use.

Make a copy of this deck by CLICKING on the image below:    

Funding pitch and business deconstruction template

Good luck. May Fame and Fortune come your way!  


Updated: 19.04.2020


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  1. Alok, This is fantastic! Thank you. Wanted to add a few points, will do that in a bit. 🙂

  2. Hi Alok. thank you for this effort. I think this will help people at least get the basics in place. really appreciate this contribution.


    Manan Mehta


  3. Sure. Add them here and mail me also so that I can add these points as a later update

  4. Thanks for the template & for your benevolence to offer it free over here.This will help make the pitch more concise. I have already made changes in my presentation based on the suggestions made here.

    With warm regards,

    Dr.Sourabh Welling

  5. Alok this is going to be useful. Thanks a lot.

  6. Nice Presentation. Very helpful !! Only Alok could give it away free! Thanks a lot!

  7. Thank you so much for this, many more like me needed something of this sort..

  8. Awesomest work Alok..Its very very helpful to entrepreneurs .You solved one of my problem :)..

  9. important discussion:

  10. Very nice Alok !!  Thanks for sharing this !!

  11. I did managed to get my presentation within 9 slides (less the better) … I am still preparing an excel sheet with all the financials…if you could please have a look at the presentation and help me squeeze some money out of your pocket 🙂

  12. Just too good.. Thank you 🙂

  13. The Angry Bird example in the slide 29 seemingly contradicts the premise?

    Thanks for sharing this… Much appreciated.

  14. Could not understand what was your point? Can you elaborate?

  15. Sure.

    The premise is that – ‘if a game is successful online, there’s a good chance that it would succeed on smartphones’. We would expect, that an example for this premise would be something that was successful on both the platforms.

    But when you quote the Angry Bird example, you mention that it’s loosely based on a successful online game “Crush the Castle” – but add that one may not have heard of it (this kinda contradicts the ‘popular’ tag. It would have been better IMHO to quote an example where both the online version & the mobile app versions are more or less equally known / popular.

    Makes sense?

  16. Crush the Castle is one the BIGGEST block buster games online. search for it online. Even the Angry Birds CEO mentions it one of his interviews 🙂

  17. yes, it may be. But Angry Birds is many orders of magnitude more popular and well known and generally more successful that far eclipses Crush the Castle. Also being ‘loosely coupled’ weakens the argument. An example where the game is more ‘ported’ from web to mobile and is more proportionately successful in both the platforms might reinforce the point better. Something like Bejeweled or Paper Throw (might need more research to zero-in on the best example).

  18. Prateek – thats the whole point!

    online games DONT get that well known because of the volume and audience fragmentation! I mean you are struggling to name a game beyond Beleweled!

    If I ask you to name mobile game apps, I am sure you can name at least 10 just now.

    Parking Frenzy – a game we made that became #1 in the world was an online game that we owned since 2009 and is STILL the 9th game in Parking on our site! It does not even feature on ur top 25!

    So, the opportunity.

    In fact, the game curry business hypothesis is proven by the success of Parking Frenzy!

  19. Its not about whether this is the ideal format or not. Its about willingness to share the knowledge/expertise one has so that others can get some guidance/ starting point. And thats why you are awesome! 

  20. Yes, ofcourse… i totally agree with the business hypothesis. My point was specific only to the Angry Birds example.

    However, looking back at the slide, i realize that the example quoted was for both the points (higher revenue potential & likelihood of online games becoming successful as app games) & not only for the immediately preceding point. So in that context it does make a lot more sense…

    Thanks for the discussion – helped me understand it better!

    Have a great day ahead…

  21. Alok this is a shot in Arm ! I’m using your template to further tweak and optimize my existing business pitch. Thanks a Ton !

  22. Just curious to know if Alok Rodinhood ever got a reply from Pete to his last two lines in the discussion above…

    Well put Rodinhood 🙂

  23. Nope. Never came back. 

  24. Hi Alok,

    Though I have pitched my presentation out here at Rodinhood, I’m highly grateful for enlightening me on how to get it done. though no success, but its never easy to be successful. 

    I’m grateful for the knowledge I have gained over the time. I thank you for your personal meets too. 

    Soon or Late I will be there, I’m swimming may be slower than the others, but its always best to compete with yourself than the others. I don’t know why I’m writing these lines, said by everyone, may be just to pull myself up and say hey, its time to let the show begin. 

    Thank You Alok. Had you not connected me on Linkedin, may I wouldn’t have ever been able to reach to the place where I stand today.

  25. This is lovely!!

  26. Dear Alok

    This is great help and they way this is explained is excellent. !!!

    Request if you could share a template on financial modeling too, I know this has to be different for different businesses.. but still if you could share your thoughts on this.. shall be of great help.


    Thank you..

  27. Thanks for the wonderful sample deck Alok. Though, on slide 40, the salaries of founders in the sample template are priced at $5000/ month/ person and those of employees at $2000/month/person. How realistic are these figures? In an actual presentation would any VC object to founders taking that kind of salary?

  28. No, not at all, depending on experience, maturity and life stage of the entrepreneur.

    If two 38 year old’s are quitting Microsoft to start a new venture and needed AT LEAST 2 lacs to clear EMIs etc, no VC would object. And if VCs object, then I would suggest go to better ones or DO NOT do the venture.

    Its the venture thats not getting funded – not some silly salary…!

  29. Thanks Alok for the great ppt.

    Saw it at the last moment, and am using it to present at  BizSpark India Startup [Mumbai Challenger] Presentation, our company Intellibuzz is shortlisted as Regional Finalist. []

    In fact I asked our finance head to benchmark our sanity based on the financial model you have given, she has even created one section comparing Alok with Intellibuzz, thats how apt and useful it is. If you’d be so kind to give your quick approval if all is ok. [let me know your email id where I can share my google sheet with you]

    Thanks again for your generosity and time.

  30. :-))) thank u!

  31. you just reduced 1.5 hrs lecture (on how to write a business plant) to a 2 minute slide. Great job 😀

  32. helpful and very useful …

  33. Thanks for sharing this awesome slide template. Love your stuffs @alok…

  34. Nice work Alok.. Very helpful..

  35. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a billion Alok! 

  36. Alok, thanks for putting up this template.  Saved me hours of scratching my balls and wondering how to structure a pitch.  And without getting too mushy about what you’ve done for us here at rodinhoods: I am grateful.  

  37. Alok, would be too much to ask for your time but I have made quite a decent pitch (how I think of it) for our startup. If time allows you, I will love to know what you think about it. I do feel that there is a 20% difference between how you would pitch and how I have modelled it. Your insights can definitely change the trajectory of things for me before I send it out to multiple investors. Thanks in advance 🙂

  38. hi apaksh,

    pls feel free to post it in our funding pitches section. along with alok, others will share their feedback as well!

  39. Sure! That sounds like a plan! 🙂

  40. Hi Alok, this template has come in very handy for me to not just put down my start up idea on paper but also to ‘crystallize’ it further in my mind. Once I have this pitch in a decent shape, I would like to bounce off with you and select Rodinhoods on how ‘brilliant’ the idea is! Provided the idea continues to remain my IP ;))

  41. Thank you for the share! Very useful indeed.

  42. Hi Alok ji thanks for sharing Valuable information, any blog related to how to approve Invertor/VCs if there please help us ,

    • Hi Alok ji thanks for sharing Valuable information, any blog related to how to approach Invertor/VCs if there please help us ,

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    property for sale in chennai Great story….Keep on sharing… Thanks

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