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Dial 101 to check out the HOTTEST startups showcased on TRH in 2015!!


Many entrepreneurs sign up on TRH just to feature their new ventures/apps/tools/products. ‘Coz TRH is the HOTTEST PLACE to get early traction and some amazing, constructive feedback that helps startups tweak their products. (Check out our testimonial section which mentions many such case studies!).

We’ve also been told by many many rodinhooders that once they showcase themselves here, their traffic surges, their sites crash, they get media coverage by other startup portals or approached to present at startup events, etc, etc.

Here are 101 shortlisted ventures/products showcased in 2015 (in random order). Do check them out. Share your feedback. Share them over social. But do respond while and ensure the action is hot and sizzling!!

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Also, if you were to vote for the top 5 ventures/apps featured here, (basis ones that are solving a genuine problem  and that are likely to succeed), which ones would they be? Tell us in the comments!!


  1. WorkApps – A Work Management Platform that help Teams, Organizations and Enterprises in Work Management, Collaboration and Communication.
  2. Ithaka – a FREE intelligent (real) travel assistant
  3. StartASip – fund your goals!
  4. Itzeaszy – this rodinhooder will move your govt documents for you!!
  5. Counsel App – Crowdsource advice on personal issues anonymously
  6. Medical UI – a platform that promises to transform medical hospitality
  7. Frogo – an app to discover happening stuff in your city!
  8. KloudKitchen – not just another food tech company in Bangalore…
  9. Pamflets – digital pamphlets!
  10. MedZap – private instagram of medical records
  11. Freak (app) – game based chatting extravaganza  
  12. PartsBigBoss – one stop shop for auto parts!
  13. GetPropertyRates – pricing transparency for real estate (very well recd the first time we shared this over social!)
  14. Buzzer – an app to notify family/friends when you reach a place
  15. StrollUp – plan your local outings in Delhi & B’lore
  16. ScholFin – a platform to launch scholarships and help students find matching ones for themselves
  17. Instichoose – find and make an informed choice while selecting a school for your child
  18. Lowprice – a price comparison app that promises you an incredible shopping experience!
  19. Xiffe – mobile app prototyping in a jiffy! 
  20. Plugzee – a wireless solution to audio! 
  21. Exact Advice – a platform that connects those who seek advice to those who are or have been in the same position.
  22. Digital Gorkha – a SAAS Based visitor registration and managment platform for Real estate Properties, Corporate offices and Hotels.
  23. Augment –Manage your cloud apps from Gmail
  24. WiFi Café – an app to help you find a wifi café! 
  25. Rentomojo – an online marketplace for renting furniture and appliances.
  26. LazyShopr – an online window shopping platform
  27. ScootApp –  a meta search engine for taxi aggregators
  28. Diabeto – your friend in Diabetes (great lessons on how to achieve your crowdfunding goal!) 
  29. Locat’r – Find anything you’re looking for!
  30. – an expression platform!
  31. Amicus –  an antivirus for ecom agreements!
  32. Tete-A-Rent! An online, peer to peer, rental marketplace that allows users to rent, swap, share, borrow and give away, their pre-owned, fashion apparel & accessories.
  33. Protolution – a crowd sourced social platform that allows entrepreneurs and businesses to test their prototypes with a community of early adopters. 
  34. My Poolin – smart way to pool & settle money!
  35. Rentomo –  peer to peer sharing platform
  36. Boxwala – an online box store
  37. Harvesting – analytics for farmland (early preview)
  38. Infinixo – a personal computer that everyone can afford
  39. Lorent – an integrated platform for renting services right from real estate to all that jazz!!
  40. Hash – an app that helps you interact with people and share your ideas hyper locally (using a hashtag)
  41. Duster – an app that helps you delete photos from your phone!!
  42. – Create personal websites using linkedin in 10 seconds for FREE!
  43. NearFox – hyperlocal news & events platform
  44. The Pooja Shop – everything you need for doing a pooja including pandits
  45. LetsService – only a bike lover can understand the pains of another bike lover – so if you’re in B’lore – let these guys service your bike!!
  46. Walker Styleways – handmade shoes – they’re starting to customize
  47. Dnuvo – bespoke shoes for men
  48. GoOma– tech support services right at your doorstep!
  49. Falphool is on a serious revamp.  
  50. Reacho – a crowdsourced hyperlocal news app
  51. Trackometrix – real time retail analytics using CCTV cams
  52. Knowledge Maps – discover and share the roadmap that other people followed to solve a problem or learn something new in less than 10 links!
  53. productYo – a product discovery platform
  54. StagePhod – a marketplace to discover video makers/ production houses
  55. Custprint – Customised merchandise, but you get to design your own stuff!
  56. LinkYou – the professional networking app 
  57. MakeWhale – Customised 3D Printed Gifts!
  58. Purple Kaddu –A Guide to healthy eating
  59. Bumper – car repair & service app
  60. Garagely – a car maintenance portal
  61. OMitra – a social app for indian train travel
  62. Screeny – helps you delete screenshots from your iPhone easily
  63. Glassic – an affordable place to get awesome glasses/sunglasses from – there’s a neat virtual try on feature too!
  64. Lendbox – peer to peer lending
  65. PriceHunt App – price comparison app
  66. ShipNinja – it’s not just another courier service…
  67. Clusto – a smart universal inbox for entrepreneurs
  68. NewsBytes – your daily digest
  69. Maple – chat based interface that gives you curated choices while shopping online!
  70. Vivilio – A platform to discover & buy books, interact with readers
  71. Utpatang – The Startup Store 
  72. Voola App – a live streaming app
  73. Griggi – wi-fi sharing ecosystem in India
  74. Eves24 – a jewellery library  
  75. Kraftout – they are re-inventing daily products – do check Doodlepad
  76. Paperting – Reinventing Postcard Marketing!
  77. Mesh – a ‘unique’ product rental platform
  78. Playnlive – a platform for people to discover a place to learn, play and train for sports and fitness
  79. ConfirmTkt in its improved avatar!
  80. The Leather Laundry – professional cleaning, colouring, repairing services for leather apparel, accessories & shoes! 
  81. Lifeboat – an emergency Mobile Charger with GPS Panic Button!
  82. Thought – talk without talking! Yeah, it’s an app 🙂
  83. Bazaarfunda – a solution for confused shoppers!
  84. Geeky Times – startup news on your mobile!
  85. WooPlaza – aims to help small sellers with no background in technology, to start selling online
  86. zebpay – a mobile bitcoin wallet!
  87. – The Next Gen Group Buying Platform
  88. Cogxio – real time social dating app launched!
  89. Issara – discover “personalisable”, ethically handcrafted leather goods!
  90. Frankly.Me – a non-realtime video QnA platform that allows users to ask questions in the text format, and get answered in video selfies.
  91. HungryBuddies – a delivery platform that connects food vendors be it restaurants, dhabas, or housewives with hungry souls in Noida.
  92. KartRocket’s Online Seller App – it allows users to launch their website from a mobile phone for free and also promote their products through various integrated channels.
  93. Price Tree – chrome extension for automatic comparision coupons
  94. Velfie – an app to create video selfies!
  95. Instago – a cab aggregator app
  96. Wakerr – a calendar for your phone contacts; create events with your friends!
  97. Applyifi – online investor pitch deck and assessment report for startups
  98. Remind’em – set reminders on other’s phones!
  99. Ingenious Aces – a venture for content creation
  100. vouch4couch – a platform for people to meet like-minded people while travelling in India.
  101. GottaGo! – Wanna pee? Find a restroom near you!



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    Just checking if the last name on the list was on purpose 🙂

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  6. Thank you so much Asha for choosing Freak among the 101 list…

    I see many other interesting ideas in the list…

    Cheers !!

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  8. My Top 5 without testing them only for solving problems:

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