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Digital Marketing Trends – What To Look At 2017

The sector of Digital marketing is incredibly aggressive as well as highly volatile… Through the start of each year, the strategists in the area of digital marketing sit at their desk to create and talk about upcoming trends, challenges and possibilities to enhance strategies to consider the marketing techniques one stage further!

The standard techniques that were utilized several years back are no more a fashion. With the ever-changing market, these techniques possibly became outdated and also vanished or even evolved itself as a new strategy. The strategy that was used this past year may not hold the same importance, relevance or even order associated with preference!

Right after studying as well as analyzing the rising trend, the strategists have aligned the very best marketing techniques that will shake the field this coming year and beyond!

Digital Marketing Strategy is a word that’s indicative everywhere!


Everyone knows Google has phased out all websites that aren’t mobile phone friendly. Not just Google, remaining search engines along with other digital platforms will even start doing this! The websites and programs which are mobile phone optimized will just remain!

Aside from mobile phones, some other handheld devices, wearable technologies such as smart watches along with other smart devices will discover a spot in digital marketing techniques.

Videos to Dominate!

Videos already are a rage on digital platforms. In the future years, video based advertisements, along with other marketing techniques are going to control the scene and high investments are going to be pumped into!

Like YouTube and Facebook, a number of other social media websites are going to be fitting the plug-ins for all those video streaming.

Content is Important

Content, since it is known as the ‘King’ of digital marketing, will probably reach another standard of importance. Well invented, high-quality content will always control a respect on the market. Creativity, skill and data on the written subject can make a major difference! Interactive content has recently found its way since the very best digital marketing strategy

Simply not writing, in-depth discussion, as well as analysis of things within the content is what is expected through the marketing strategists!

Mobile Apps

Every smartphone user may have at least 5 or 6 apps within their handset. Apps are actually built to cover every facet of the day-to-day lifestyle… From requirements for fun area, from people of different walks of life to careers, Apps are available for everything! Slowly, websites will be substituted with these apps!!

Social Media

Social media websites already are taking pleasure in an enviable position within the marketing arena. It’ll remain among the most favorite hangout places for the young people… Twitter-like sites are required to lose its set up digital marketing, and Facebook along with other video supporting sites can come out with a variety of innovations, making a revolution in digital marketing strategy!

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO or even Conversion Rate Optimization, site visitors turning into consumer, will probably be utilized as one of the leading techniques of future digital marketing strategies. This technique, at present, is still at the beginner level, but is anticipated to locate its right place quickly!

Search algorithm can change

Google is the search engine which is widely employed by the internet users. Individuals are already searching along with other engines, which utilizes an alternative way of search optimization. Google itself is gradually changing some basics, as well as in the coming years, a brand new wave of search algorithms can make a stride in the own style!

AI and Chatbots

Chatbots along with other Artificial Intelligence centered technology and methods are also anticipated to rule the roost, as well as future is often more interactive based strategies such as these. Interaction is key. It always pays great results in marketing campaigns. These methods are sure to evolve one step further paving method for a dominant role in digital marketing!


SMS along with other text-based techniques and tools will continue their influence in digital marketing for next several years. Interactive text messaging as well as smart phone supported messaging services may also make their mark within the marketing arena!

The Consumer

The ever-changing mind of the consumer will be one of the major important elements that will decide, and design any kind of future digital marketing strategy! After all, people are the final receivers associated with a service!

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  1. Most of the things mentioned in the post has already happened.
    But some of the things which you mentioned may definitely take front seats in 2017.
    Good Post Rajkumar. Thanks for sharing it !

  2. Thanks for your Valuable comment Deepak.

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