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Looking for Feedback for my new venture “Insight17 Education services”

Hi All,

My name is Ankur Shukla and here I am sharing the idea of my new venture “Insight17 Education Services“. We are organizing a state level offline psychometric quiz “Battle of the Brains” for school children from 6th to 12th Std and according to the result we guide them for their future. We are helping suburban children to choose the best coaching /collages /professional Courses etc.. so that they can better decide their future in their area of interest.

We have started from RaeBareli a tier 3 cities of U.P.; our target market is suburban areas of India. I already approached a few schools but the response was not so good that’s why I am rethinking about it and sharing in the group. I am looking for the feedback about the idea from the experienced entrepreneurs, accordingly we will decide our next step.

For more please have a look at: 

Warm Regards, 

Ankur Shukla

Co-Founder & CEO


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  1. hi ankur,

    i’m going to share this post with fellow ed-tech rodinhooders like mandar joshi & priyadeep sinha.

    i suggest you read everything written on ed-tech by priyadeep & pardeep goyal.

    priyadeep even has a dedicated ASK page 🙂

  2. Hi Ankur, 

    Education Business is tough !! Many think its a low hanging fruit however its not so besides its highly unorganised and unprofessionally managed. Before you strategise further you need to understand the market dynamics, here students may be the consumers of your services and schools may be the facilitators but your real customers ( The one who pays ) are parents.

    Unfortunately in our country, the parent is the most exploited class of customers. They are the pay masters of the entire eco system however they are most neglected in the same. They are not organised and many a times are emotionally blackmailed by various stakeholders. 

    Please understand this dynamics before you weave your market strategy. What you are doing is definitely needed however its a crowded market. Many companies and freelance so called career counsellors have already diluted the market. I always say that when your product or service gets compared with others on price rather than its value in such case the product is already commoditised and hence you need to think out of box to win over the competition. 

    I know at least a dozen companies which are offering similar type of services. This market is full of Me Too products. So what you should do ? In my view following are my suggestions. 

    • Try to define how you are different than others ( Your Competitors ) whats your USP bring it out and place it aggressively in all your market communication.
    • Your B2B channel is dysfunctional, I mean schools is the best source of getting the business however the time and effort taken to close deals with schools must be very high so alternatively I suggest you start working on your B2C channel i.e. reaching out to the parents directly.
    • Your website is also minimalistic and doesn’t provide any interesting take on what you are doing. In this era of Internet you are judged by your website and your social media presence ( Which I could not check in your case )

    I can go on an on but to cut the story short, if you wish to win the game you need to have enough differentiators in your product which honestly are lacking at this point ( or at least are not visible either in your website or presentation ) 

    Check this site I guess they are also a Delhi based company however when I check their website many things are clear to me about what they do and how they do it ( This reference is given just to prove the point I neither endorse this company nor I have any association with them ) 

    Hope it helps and if you need any additional inputs you can connect with me anytime at 07020033606 or drop me a line at 

  3. Dear Mandar Sir,

    Thanks for sharing the insight about the education Industry. As i have started our operations since 1 week and approached 4 schools in RaeBareli (city near Lucknow)as such only 1 school is ready to participate. As per your suggestions i will make some changes.
    Thanks for sharing your contact No, will contact you for your guidance.


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