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Expect the Unexpected from WikiRodinhoods

Good morning Rodinhooders,

As by now you might have known, that the post is related to whom.

Yes, none other than the WikiRodinhood, Superhuman, and many other nicknames we have given to Mr. Darshan Bhambiru.

As you all know, I have started out my own food venture Veging. Though being a non-tech geek, I thought of trying my hands on it also, thinking I could create something very easily, so I made a simple and humble effort and created And then I asked a few roodinhooders AnkitHardikKunal and Darshan Sir.

All of them had one word for me “Crap”. So I said Ok, and asked for their feedback’s, and received them well. 

Since it was late night while talking to Kunal and Darshan Sir, I was off to sleep. The word we 3 had was we will discuss about how to go about on revamping the site tomorrow (which meant today). 

And as I get up in the morning at 6:30 a.m. an hour earlier to my normal time. I see that Darshan Sir has already made a person work on the logo and spoken to Kunal and dissected my site and spoken about what all has to be done. 

He told me that he has told the person to make 6 odd logos designed for me, and also the site work is planned out to be done soon. 

I was stunned, that as I had not even said to them about the changes, and they had already planned everything out for me, While I was asleep.

I’m really amazed as how people at TRHS have helped me more than even my F&F who just say “I’m there for you” “Call me anytime, I will help you out”. I know its not crap, but yes the truth is out here you just have to ask, and the world is working for you even while you are asleep.

This is the power of Asking…. a lesson learnt without meditating.

Thank You TheRoodinhoods.

“You just have to ask, and be fearless, shameless” – Alok ‘Rodinhood’ Kejriwal at TiE Smashup 2.0, April,2013 in a round table conference, when I asked on how should I start-up.


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  1. Hey Karan, Lovely Post…This goes very true for Darshan Sir 🙂 He is a real wikirodinhood. He is so helpful to anyone asking for help even in my case. Thank you so much sir.

  2. Wish You all the Best Karan 🙂 God Bless!!!

    So Glad this helped you. Appreciate your Gesture. Thank You !!

    Keep Veging and Adding more!! Cheers!

  3. For his immense knowledge on all possible subjects that are present on this Earth, I call him Alien. He is supernatural and surely doesn’t belong to this planet. We are blessed to have him around us in our ecosystem! 

    Flattering is his humility that one doesn’t have to struggle much to get his “Darshan”. 

  4. Hi Karan,

    Glad you posted this.  

    I agree with you all when you say that Darshan is not from this planet. In my last 15 odd years in the industry I have never come across someone wwho goes out of the way to help someone. When i met him the first time ( thanks to Aman who is also a Jr Darshan in the making) i came out of meeting with a feeling ” He is different”.

    I had some queries and i happened to chat on sunday which happened to be his birthday. After seeing my queries he immediately asked me call after 30 mins and we spoke for close to 45 mins post that. All this when he is celebrating his birthday with family around. He went ahead to post some links for my reference and this week followed it up with few more points to clear all my doubts. I have never experienced this from my tutors too in the past whom i paid money to teach me while i was in college. This guru doesnt even expect any money.. Darshan, i am attached and bonded to TRHS coz of people like you. Thank you for being there for all of us.

    All the best

    Mahesh Nair

  5. Karan – I did have a hidden motive.

    To get unlimited access to your awesome Veging food.

    Just Kidding. All the best, always there 🙂

    P.S: That does not mean that I am not going to get the surprise you have been planning since ages now 😛

  6. Hardik,

    You only postponed the plan this week, else wise the surprise would have been there .

    Never mind there is an event and here is the link to it ….. its in Malad so do try to come down out there.

    invitation to all the rodinhooders who are in mumbai this weekend

    So do come down . This is an open chance and ya will surprise you soon.

  7. Whoa!! 

    Now this comes as a super surprise!!

    Thanks a lot Karan. Testimonials like these mean a lot!!

    We are always there to help buddy! Just tell us what to do (and follow-up with your feedback and approvals as always 😉

    Best wishes



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