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Food for Entrepreneurs Part – 1

Hello Rodinhooders,

Well it’s been almost a year now since I joined Rodinhoods. So it has been a great journey for me, and gradually starting up my food venture Veging. I have read a lot of posts about food start-ups and etc. So I felt why not write something about food. These are my views as to what food our basic necessity can teach us about Entrepreneurship. 

Today I talk about a Gujarati/Marwari Thali, it is so heavy that after eating it people go home and lay on their beds. 

Looks delicious isn’t it. Here are a few points what this simple Thali has thought me about entrepreneurship.

1. Roti (Indian Bread):

It’s round always, it teaches about a cycle or a process which has an end point, there are a lot of burns and spots they teach us of how harsh the process can be and how difficult it is to get a round roti.

2. Salad and Chutney:

These are accomplices, they give the munching and churning, I would call them as mentors, they are sweet, sour, spicy and yet irresistible. You can’t walk a journey alone on your own thoughts; you have to have a Dronacharya in your journey of entrepreneurship.

3. Curries:

They are the most important portion of a Thali. They come in wonderful colors, flavors and have they fill your stomach heavily. The vegetables in them also make it delicious. The curries have to be in the right taste and the balance of vegetables. They teach you about how life is sometimes spicy, sweet, tangy, hard, soft, and bitter. They make you know how the reality changes with every bite. How the curry which might be delicious can be really spicy in the next moment.

4. Daal:

A spoon of it and its light and healthy, they compliment the heavy curries and a partner with rice, they taste delicious with Rotis also. They clearly show how you have to blend in with everybody and yet you are yourself.

In an entrepreneurial journey, we meet the good, the bad, the ugly and the fairies they all are a necessity just like the Daal. You have to mix in and get your work done.

5. Sweets:

They form the major part of a Thali, if they don’t come they aren’t a part of the Thali. They always say life is sweet, why talk bitter, why be angry, why be agitated. Everything and everyone takes their own sweet time.

For entrepreneurs, the more the sweet you are the more doubtful people can get about you, that why is he so sweet to me, but if you are sweet to everyone they won’t doubt, instead everyone will cherish it and feel much comfortable.

A sweet moment I have, had is that when I had been to my first open house, I was like a silent kid out there listening, it was March, 2013 and I hadn’t thought about Sir Alok would have shook hands but he did, he had come near my seat to give someone the mic, and I was just sitting at a hands distance and he shook hands with me, for me who was less than a month old to TRHS and this came in as a surprise, since a new kid on the block and the person who founded it was a rare moment for me then. 

6. Appetizer Drink (Chaas / Jal-jeera):

These come right at the end after all you have eaten, since the stomach would be heavy by now, a glass of Chaas (Butter-milk) or Jal jeera is needed, and when you have that glass you just feel so light and makes it so divine, you feel a bit lighter.

In the same way to feel light you must keep your mind as vast as the ocean no matter how much you may fill it with water, it will still have the capacity to take in more.

In the journey of an entrepreneur learning never changes, what changes is only the subject and its duration. Thus you need to keep yourself lighter and emptier. 

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From a Foodie Entrepreneur,

Karan Pandhi

Founder @ Veging

Tweet @ VrVeging 

T : +91-9699-246-444


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  1. Nice Analogies Karan, enjoyed reading this one!:)

  2. thanks a lot Saraswathi 🙂 

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