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Funding Required for Matrimonial Company


Hi Friends,

Not in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine that i would one day be writing this post and sharing my small journey of hope with you all.

It all started with one of my aunts asking me to help her out in finding a right match for her daughter on one of the biggest matrimony portals.I thought it was a simple and small request .During those days i was heading the e commerce business of a mid sized company and heading a start-up.I was in the travel domain and my job was to ferry HNI’s , foreigners and top corporates across the globe.
Owing to my job i was lucky to meet personally lot of important and well known personalities and celebrities.It was a dream handling these super successful people about whom one only  reads in papers and get to know them even if for a couple of days.

I was comfortable and happy in my job sharing life with a beautiful, smart working wife and an adorable 6 year old son.

And that request changed it all. 

I realized the hard way that it wasn’t a simple task.Finding a match that would match everybody’s expectations is a Herculean task.There were matters like caste, naadi , kundli, family status, manglik/ non manglik, grooms height, where did he study from, his package , current liabilities and in the last but not the least a meeting of few minutes between the girl and the boy and everything would go Kaput!! Back to the drawing board trying to find the next Mr Right.

It made me realise that there must be thousands of other parents going through the same nightmare. Educating your child is easy ( you just have to pay the fees), buying a home for your child is money management and is still doable, if you have the funds.

BUT the process of finding a match for your sweet, beloved, lovely child is a nightmare…

My cousin eventually married a south Indian guy ( still an arranged marriage) but started me on a journey of creating a matrimonial company that would cater exclusively to Uttarakhandi community (read Garhwali & Kumaoni) .

So here i am , 3 years later with more than 100 happy marriages , 2 Offices, staff of and 4500+ profiles and a private limited company.

Nothing still gives me a higher rush than a parent calling up from somewhere in India and thanking me for having found the right match for their son/ daughter. Even better is the feeling when someone calls me from a place i have never been to or advertised at and asks me to help them and that they have heard really good about us from someone .

My friends, i am on a journey to create the Largest Uttarakhandi matrimonial company/ portal and am posting this here on the fervent hope that i shall meet an investor who will share my vision and passion to create the World’s Largest Uttarakhandi Matrimonial Company.

This presentation will give you a fair idea about our business.


Thank you Alok for your untiring patience and encouragements even at odd hours. I speak for many when i say that i haven’t really met anyone so selfless and enthusiastic.

Thank you all!

Warm Regards

Vijay Bhatt (9897512542)



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  1. hey vijay

    just a quick question about ur ppt.

    You say that maangal charges 1500 for 12 months but when you show the potential revenue it says 2500. Are you planning to raise the sub charges or am i missing something?



  2. Hi Vijay,

    Very Interesting indeed. A few quick points:

    Firstly – Is 1.5 crore the total population of the Uttarakhandi community across ages or is that the number of marriageable aged Uttarakhandis. If it is the latter then your assumed market size is likely to be smaller than what the slide states. 

    Secondly – Your website can use some basic on-page optimization. Here is a starter guide of best practices from Google:

    Thirdly – We have noticed that the matrimonial space is very competitive so AdWords CPCs tend to be pretty high. But you can potentially focus on relevant traffic by ensuring your target keywords include Uttarakhand, Kumaoni, Garwhali and other such relevant keywords.

    Lastly – (disclaimer: this is also a shameless plug). My company runs a 100% free matrimonial website – All services on are completely free to end users.

    Furthermore, recognizing the challenges that you stated on slide 9 of your presentation – we allow marriage bureaus and community organizations to create a syndicate account on our website and use it to generate additional leads. 

    The way it works is:
    1) you can register as a marriage bureau on our website:
    2) our team will review your application and then approve it within 48 hours.
    3) once approved, you can create matrimonial profiles on our website (you don’t need to provide any contact information of these users to us).
    4) if any user is interested in your client’s matrimonial profile, they be asked to get in touch with you to proceed further.
    5) at best – you can treat these users as a strong lead and potentially convert them into your paying customer. at worst – you will find a match for one of your existing paying clients.

    Look at us as your marketing channel that has strong expertise in SEO, social media marketing, and web technology. You remain in full control for your client’s profiles. 

    And the best part – this syndicate is account is available for FREE!

    Do not hesitate to get back in touch if you have any questions.

  3. Well, I understand the that the core focus of your post is to seek funding for your venture. 

    But I figured that as an entrepreneur in a similar space you would be interested in pointers based on our experience. The first three points in my reply were hoping to provide these pointers to you.

    In my last point, I proposed that you consider as a lead generation channel for your matrimonial business – in addition to conventional PPC/SEO campaigns. Certainly not claiming superiority of in Gharwali profile inventory

    Happy to explain further if you would be interested (particularly because we offer our online service for free for businesses like yours). But from the tone of your response I get an impression that your current priority is to raise investment. So good luck with it. And do not hesitate to reach out.

  4. All the best Vishal for raising fund for your services !!! Do ask all your visitors to visit for wedding planning … the next step after getting engaged through your services 🙂

  5. Vijay,

    It was good connecting with you today and understanding your incredible idea.

    I am sure that after our discussion, I will be able to connect with a few people who can help with the things taking the idea to the next level.

    Happy Rodinhooding!!!


  6. Sure Vijay ,,,

    Would love to connect !!! You can join me on fb at

  7. Vijay,

    Its never the idea or even its copying which matters at the end of the day, its the execution.  BMM can copy the idea but the execution will matter more where your passion will add more value.

    Lets get you the funding first and then work on other things like marketing,brand placement etc.

    I did some due diligence some time back for all major matrimonial players some time back as part of a industry research. will share that.. Hope that will help you with some idea on adding some more things if it makes sense for Maangal.  🙂

    I am sure things work out fine.. this is just a small roadblock..



  8. Vijay,

    Let me do the outrageous work of claiming your idea got copied, you just be happy that they still trying to figure out things by copy simple ideas like this to provide more authentication to their database.

    Your USP is not the low membership fees but the value you create, please understand you are not trying to sell a commodity here but adding a value  which is going to change some people lives forever. Matrimony is an important decision for anybody so people will be ready to pay as long as you give them value.

    The other thing which you might need to work on is branding i.e. the right brand placement. Maangal should become the second word for trust and quality for Garhwali/Kumaoni matrimony. 

    Hope this will give you some more food for thought. 🙂


  9. dear vijay,

    there is an interesting discussion going on via the comments on this post – pls check it out! there may be some merit in starting a separate matrimonial site dedicated to entrepreneurs???!!!

    Permalink Reply by Prateek Shah 4 hours agoDelete

    I think more girls/guys will shy away from marrying entrepreneurs after reading this 😀 Quite a realistic and honest account of what life might be like! Guess its safe (and a little offensive) to say that Entrepreneurs are like ‘untouchables’ when it comes to the marriage market! Somebody should start off – where crazy people meet crazy people to build ‘partnerships’ for life 🙂

  10. That was encouraging 😀

  11. haha I was just kidding. It is understandable that struggling entrepreneurs are not fit for the arranged marriage market. They’d better strike it out on their own and find someone who can ride the roller coaster with them.

    Best wishes. 

  12. :)))))))))))

    no, i’m not listening vijay!!!!!!!!

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