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GEO Location IP Tracking API

We are working on new website for Print a Wallpaper. The website will have two currencies, INR & USD. Based on user location and country of origin the system would automatically set a cookie which is valid for 90 days.

I have tried using some free resources available online but they have not been giving accurate results and at times are very slow. So if anyone has used any such service please share details with us.

Few options I have found are :

I tried looking for a google api too but couldn’t find something which would solve our issue, since we will not be loading the map and just need the country of origin.


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  1. Guys.. Waiting for a tech expert to provide some help… Please help…!!!

  2. HI Amit,

    I have used for one of the projects. Since performance was an issue with an API, I used the database provided by them.

    Hope this helps.

    ~Sunil Suri

  3. Thanks Sunil.. have you used I have tried looks good to me…!! 

  4. Heu Sunil,

    Any idea of any good paid service. Since looking for a reliable solution.



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