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Underground, Underage CEOs, OMitra, Car Repairs, Glassic, Lendbox and the OH that was. [Aug 15-28, 2015]

Dear, Dear Rodinhooder,

Today’s a double newsletter so it’s gonna be double fun!

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. Akshay’s backpacking venture got acquired.  We had an OH in Gurgaon. We had 250 chairs but wayyyyyy more folks turned up! So for a change, we ran out of space completely, but didn’t run out of food!

Pix have been shared here.

And the live streaming of the event can be watched here!

In the last fortnight, we’ve had many many new signups and many new ventures have been showcased!

So sit back and catch up with 2 weeks of Rodinhooding!

2X Content

Are you a professional turning entrepreneur? Watch out for 7 stumbles says Alok!

Amazon Underground  – Alok on how Amazon has got this really right! 

(I did promise you double of everything, right?!)

Rahul Varshneya gives some awesome tips to set up a successful home biz. I need to spend more time with him!!

13 untold truths of selling to schools in India. If you are planning an edu-tech venture – you must read this! 

Underage CEOs by Ganesh V  – check out the book and share some ideas to promote it.

Wanna know how to make your videos go viral? Study this case study!

New arrivals – Twins!

Bumper – car repair & service app

Garagely – a car maintenance portal

OMitra – a social app for indian train travel

Screeny – helps you delete screenshots from your iPhone easily (also, read how this app reached the top 10 on the app store with zero marketing budget!)

Glassic – an affordable place to get awesome glasses/sunglasses from – there’s a neat virtual try on feature too!

Lendbox – peer to peer lending

PriceHunt App – price comparison app

Double dose of Q’s

What do you do after shutting your biz? Nishchal needs some advice!

What will be the impact of crashing share markets on the prospects of startup funding?

How can this Non-Indian Rodinhooder register a company and move base to India?

AND LOTS MORE. PLS PLS GO THROUGH THE ASK SECTION – it’s the best way to contribute!!

Twice as nice!

Entrepreneur’s iconic love story #comic

Here’s an infographic that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about VAT, CST & Service Taxations.

10 reasons why live streaming is trending

India needs help, not from outsiders, but from fellow Indians… join the discussion while it’s being served hot!

Startup Trek. With love from Tanul.

Double Dhamaka!

If you are a software product company – here’s your chance to showcase at NPC2015.LAST DATE TO APPLY IS AUG 31.


I’m visiting on Hyderabad next month on a personal visit. But would love to do some Rodinhooding there! If you would like to meetup or unmeetup – just holler and let us know what works for you so we can create an event.

Phew! Phew!

Here’s the newsletter we shared 2 weeks ago  

Find all of them HERE.

We have lots of newbies now. For those who are still getting familiar and want to catch up on Alok’s articles – HEAD STRAIGHT HERE!

no two ways about that! 



asha chaudhry

co-founder & editor 




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