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How to create a review website?

Hi Folks,

Can you please guide me on how to build a review site like mouthshut?

1. Are there options (websites) available where I can design the website using readymade theme options? In this case how to manage the databases/provide users login/password etc?

2. Or is it really needed to hire a developer or web design company for this?




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  1. thanks Yatin for detailed info. One more question, Do I need to be a techie/coder to build a site using joomla?


  2. Thanks Yatin. This is great help!!

  3. Hi Yatin,

    After googling I decided and downloaded a wordpress review theme. The hosting website has given me the details where I can upload the files for the website.

    Now the question is who is going to handle the server side programming? Is it part of CMS (wordpress theme) itself and is handled automatically?

    If yes then I assume the database would be created automatically as per the theme or am I being too much optimistic 🙂

    thanks in advance!

  4. You would need to create a Database, Database user and password and update these values in your wordpress configuration file. After updating database config file, just upload the contents of wordpress folder your publich_html folder using ftp or file uploads. After that, log in to your site and wordpress takes care of installation. You’ll see steps on screen and have to click next with some small configurations here and there.

    If you feel you’ll be getting huge amounts of traffic, I suggest you move on to managed wordpress hosting platforms. Two very good ones are itself and the other is WPEngine.

    Also, if you are looking for free hosting and good designs, I’d suggest you have a look at Tumblr. All you would need to pay for is your domain and point to tumblr. Rest is handled by them. Plus, their network is very active and chances of your post going viral is higher.

    For any info/query, you can contact me.

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