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October Rodinhood Tees – have you won, one…?!

Wow. It’s been one long and busy month! Content on therodinhoods has exploded! There have been some really rocking stories coming our way and I pretty much went nuts trying to figure out who gets lucky this month…

Quick backgrounder for those who have no clue what I’m going on about – this is the famous Rodinhood Tee that you’ve got to Win to Wear! And these are some of the past winners.

This is how the Rodinhood Tee looks like on Divyanshu who won his tee last month.

Okay… so the October Winners of the Rodinhood Tees for writing awesome stories are (drum roll please….)

1. This won’t come as a surprise – here is Mohul Ghosh who stunned all of us. He poured his heart out in a way no one has had the courage to. Don’t really know how “shaken & stirred” Mohul was, but Alok was completely shaken, stirred, swirled, touched and a tad embarrassed 🙂

2. And then we have this goosebumpy story of Yo! Potato….Thank you Krishna Chidambaresh for reminding us that each Rodinhooder’s advice and help matters. But most of all, for giving struggling entrepreneurs the most powerful mantra of HOPE – and to encourage us all to simply ASK FOR HELP!

3. This one goes out to Neil Bahl for stirring up a storm of a discussion!

4. Mandar Joshi’s very very inspiring story – young entrepreneurs who are just starting up have a lot to learn from his battles and spirit.

5. Here is a startup who most people gave up on. Congrats Abhishek Rai and team for fulfilling your promise…. even after 22 months!

6. Gurpreet Singh Tikku is always full of surprises. Here are invaluable details about retail that no one would ever share for free! Since Gurpreet has already won a tee he now wins a Rodinhood laptop skin.


Congrats Winners! Here’s what you gotta do – 

Send an email to therodinhoods Co-ordinator, Manoj – [cc] with your mailing address & phone number and pls mention your tee size – S, M OR L [size reference – Alok wears L ]


Don’t you all just love Rochak’s tee look…? 🙂

Winners, pls send me ( a pic of you wearing your tee to be included in therodinhoods facebook page Rodinhood Tee Winners album. Or simply add it here on this thread as a comment!


Now there are some really nice reads which didn’t win a tee, but to me, these Rodinhood-writers are winners no matter what. And I hope they continue to rock the site with many more such amazing shares. Please take time out to read these gems, if still haven’t…

In 24 hours by Sarang Lakare – a rodinhooder who makes us so proud.

Be heard. Or the herd. by Ashish Vyas who thinks innovation.

Amit Dang’s dilemma – So having a cool factor in your personality can make you lose your business?

Another rare treasure from Diyvanshu – It’s not about Gandhi and Khadi. It’s about life.

Being productive in a startup by Kaushik Thirthappa.

Suhas Baliga’s debut post – The 5 joys of working with early stage entrepreneurs.

Kiran Kumar is a rockstar writer. Never miss his posts even if they’re about pigeons!


So I guess it’s time to say Happy Diwali!

Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep sharing. Keep rodinhooding!

You could be one of next month’s tee winners as well. 



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  1. Awesome! Congrats to all the winners 🙂

    Gurpreet Bhai aapne toh kamaal kar diya, 2nd time winner in just a few months. I am sure this inspires all the rodinhooders to go for Gold for a second time 🙂

  2. Vinay Bhai….Shukriya…..Yeh sab aap Rodinhood Bhai and Bhen log ka kamaal hai.
    Thanks to TRHS for being the Fuel of my Pen!!
    Go for GOLD is the new Mantra. Is it?? 🙂

  3. Paaji – Congratulations ! Laptop Skin ke baad kya aata hai ?

    Keep up the good work….

    Regards, Puneet

  4. Sirjee, 

    Go for Gold has always been the Mantra esp in Diwali time 🙂

  5. Oh wow! Just saw this post.. Thanks a lot Asha! A t-shirt from Rodinhood! can be a better Diwali present.. Thanks a ton 🙂

  6. Congrats!

  7. you are very welcome mohul!

  8. Yuipeeeeeeee !! Thanks Asha !!! It’s a moment I shall cherish till life 🙂

  9. hahhahahaha mandar – you’re very very welcome! keep writing and keep inspiring 🙂

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