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Illustrator needed

Hi, my name is Shilpi Mahajan and I am a content writer and marketeer. Currently, I am working on two projects around storytelling. Storytelling weaves magic and in many ways subconsciously impacts the way we think. I want to bring storytelling to little children in a way that helps remove prevelant gender biases and empowers both boys and girls. 

One of my projects is a children’s book series which changes the rules that kids are subjected to as kids. My protagonists are all smart and nerdy girls who create computer programs or artists or pilots. 

I want an illustrator for this series. The person should be able to understand the goal of the illustration to create a creative series around it. 

I am based in New Jersey but I am open to the illustrator being anywhere in the world. 

My twitter handle is shilpi_mahajan and you can also reach me on skype at shilpi_tangri


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  1. I am a visiting lecturer at Design Institute at Maharaja Sayaji Rao University of Baroda for Bachelor and Masters students, can connect you with some of them if you could share your contact details. I know, some of them who are genuinely interested into comic book illustrations, and have done really a good job from what i have seen.

  2. Hi Deeti,

    Thanks for writing. I would really be keen on talking to your students. My email id is I m based in Jersey and run a company called conteify.. My number is +19802256280

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