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Indy Network, RoboSports, RTIs, Missed Calls, Local Tribes, BS Radar & Inspiration! [Aug 13-19, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder,

Hope you are back from your holiday – all rejuvenated, or grabbed some awesome online deals or have been simply binging on the Olympics!

We’ve had an interesting week in rodinhoodland.  Without further ado…

‘How I got myself admitted to school’. Read Gomti’s incredibly inspiring story of courage and determination. How a little girl from the slums got herself admitted to school in pursue of a better life. One of the most goosebumpy stories on TRH ever. #RodinStar

Mini Menon, one of the most recognized business editors on Indian TV, has just started up and we interviewed her! Read more about ‘Mini the Entrepreneur’ and ‘Indy Network’!

To celebrate the concept of “being independent”, we compiled some of our most inspiring starting journeys on TRH as a tribute to each one of you!

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24 year old Manish dedicates this post to the 20 somethings out there! Read his lessons from his 6 failed ventures…


Bengaluru Calling! TRH Bangalore Open House IS BACK!

TRH Bangalore Open House has been rescheduled to SEPT 24, 2016 (Saturday). RSVP HERE FOR SURE!! We are updating our agenda – there won’t be any drastic changes unless one of you wants to launch their incredible startup/product! In that case pls email me ! SEE YOU ON SEPT. 24th!!


In Showcase!

YouRTI – Submit an RTI and let these rodinhooders follow up for you!

OnlyMobiles – The name says it all! Check out their 30 day price guarantee. And if you’re into digital, Sanjeev needs your expertise! – Your next customer is just a missed call away says Vipul

Enwitra RoboSports – A sports entertainment startup! Don’t miss the video!!

The Local Tribe – bringing your neighbourhood online!


And some more!

Sushrut, on his foray into organizational effectiveness!

Entrepreneur’s BS Radar! Awesome comic from Kriti!!

Quest for the perfect b2b lead generation and nurturing cocktail – for our webinar fans!

Rodinhooder has a query about UPI – Unified Payment Interface – care to answer?


Events, events and more events!

Mumbaikars – you’ve got 2 mega startup events to attend tomorrow! Hope you’ve registered by now!! Be sure to wear your Rodinhood tee and tweet a selfie from TiE Mumbai Smashup 6.0 and Centennial Startup Saturday. HAVE FUN & share your learnings!

Beachhouse Project GOA (Sept 12-18)

As the name suggests, this creative idea hack meet (plus much more!) will be at a secret tucked away bungalow in Goa.

A lot of you might’ve missed last time’s newsletter – so read it now!! And if you’d like to read some more, help yourself HERE!

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that’s all from me today. signing off with a thought …

invest yourself in making your product wow.
something you can be proud of.
something people love so much they keep coming back to you for more.
make yourself so relevant that you become addictive.


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co-founder & editor 
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