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Startup – You will love our 30 Days Price Guarantee

Hi Guys,

Feeling very proud to introduce – focussing only on mobile phones, tablets, wearables and accessories and with unique value proposition which will awaken your bargain sense like never before.


I am running a mobile retail chain – popularly known as “Bhatia’s Mobile” and have 96 stores at the moment. is our extension in the online e-commerce space. The idea behind the launch of was to have the omni-channel presence and also to have a larger reach among our offline customers and to get more customers beyond our offline geography. One reason was also to showcase the entire range of the catalogue – which may not be possible at all stores owing to space constraints.

What do we offer?

Authentic Products with assured warranty support

When you buy from us, you are sure that you are going to get warranty support from the respective brands. Since we are dealing with the brands directly, you are always sure about the warranty of the product – which may not the case with our competitors. You are not dealing with some faceless seller but you are dealing with one of the biggest mobile retailers of India, who is in the business since last 12 years and having considerable offline presence. (By the way, I am just waiting for the final GST Guidelines to increase my offline presence to support my online venture.)

Very competitive prices and wider delivery network

As of now, we are well equipped to serve 17,000+ pin codes across India, thanks to our logistic partners – India Post, BlueDart, Aramex, Delhivery, ECom, etc. We are setting up our first fulfilment center in Chennai – in tie up with Delhivery which will help us to reduce the delivery period for our south India-based customers.

Our prices are very compelling. We are in the market where we have got bigger competition but that does not restrict our pricing to our customers.  Our prices are likely to be lower than them, if not equally low. Hardly you will find a product, where our selling price is higher than them.

But why we are better than Flipkart or Snapdeal? Why should you BUY FROM US?

How many times has it happened with you or your friend that just after getting the delivery of your new mobile phone, the price of the mobile dropped in just 15 days or 20 days?

Example : Last week Vivo Mobiles announced that now their top selling model Vivo V3 will be priced at Rs.14,980 from the earlier Rs.16,980 and announced a price cut of Rs.2000. Think about a customer who has purchased a mobile phone just before few days – a cool drop of Rs.2000 is going to steal smile from his face.

Google the price drop of famous top selling mobile phone models, and you will understand that these price drops are very frequent. But here is our killer offer – We will give you your money back. Yes, you read it right !! If the price drops within 30 days of your purchase of the mobile phone, you will get the difference amount back in your bank account (We are going to give you hard cash only, no site credits or virtual money). All you need to do is keep on visiting the site and if you feel that the price has dropped – you need to claim it. Submit your claim in easy steps and sit back and relax !! You are going to get your difference amount back in your bank account.

So basically, our offer to our customers is that they need not worry about the possible price drop after their purchase. They are well covered for the first 30 days, which are crucial. The claim process is super easy. Please check the below

What is 30 Days Price Guarantee?

FAQs on 30 Days Price Guarantee

Why am I showcasing here?

The reason to showcase here is to get feedback from the community about the differentiation which we are promising to our customers. We have completed 90 days beta and we have learnt a lot during these days. We did some mistakes, we improved on them. We are looking at your feedback on the following:

  1. How do I market this unique proposition? We are not looking at funding right now but we do not have shitloads of money either :-). What can be the best ways to reach out to competition’s customers?
  2. We are searching for Digital Marketing Agency who can help us build this proposition in this market (we have some other differentiators also planned but they are in pipeline)
  3. Your feedback about the claim process. Is there any other way, where we can still make it simpler?

PS : As I am writing this, my team has just updated me that we are going live with Xiaomi and FitBit from the next business week. We are adding new brands every week online as well as offline!

Thank You. 




Read Sanjeev’s entrepreneurial journey that began when he was just 7 from a juice centre to his Rs 200 crore mobile retail chain business!



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  1. Hi Sanjeev,
    Many congratulations on your new online venture.

    As a matter of fact, we have a mobile accessories business. We have high quality data cables for Android and iOS and Type C. We also have Aux cables (2 mtrs). we have two premium power banks as well (11000 MAH and 2500 MAH). 2 Amp dual Metalic Car chargers, and wall mount adapters. We currently are supplying in over 100+ shops in Delhi (north and west at the moment). Many of our suppliers are selling our products online (on flipkart etc). This has been a successful testing period so far and we are soon going to expand in other parts of Delhi + NCR and have some people interested in distributorship from other cities. 

    I would like to discuss more with you – take your guidance on terms and conditions that we are suffering to freeze for all. How can I get in touch with you? in exchange, I can offer you suggestions per my digital/ development experience 🙂 

    Regards, Bipul

  2. You can reach me on or DM me your number. we shall connect.

  3. How are you cracking this? Without sharing a real trade secret, can you throw light on WHAT is the direction of your insight that makes this work?

    I still can’t understand how can you have a better margin than the online guys?

  4. alok – sanjeev has another post lined up that shares some consumer insights/feedback on this 30 Days Price Guarantee

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