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Introducing – India’s Largest IT Business Directory

IT industry in today’s time is very competitive and dynamic to gain a lead over your business, it seems IT leads have turned to be a necessity rather than an option. They are helping you to gain market, improve image and business.

But how to find the best IT leads is still a big and confusing task.??

To obtain information, services for the purpose of expansion, revenues or scope can be time consuming and that’s why websites like Adnify have emerged and evolved for specific purpose and needs of businesses dealing in IT, making it extremely easy for them to find leads of their interests. Websites like Adnify connect buyers with IT companies. 

Our Adnify Introductory Video-

The working principle in such business is very simple. Users like you and me put our requirements on the site and they get us connected to the top IT companies rendering those services. What’s most interesting part in the entire process is that both the parties’ users, as well as the company, are benefitted?

We users get our required service and the company gets trusted customer. They also give the option to choose as per our budget and need. This gives us a speedy solution to our problems. This need could be anything be it Mobile Application Development or e-commerce development. We just need to submit our requirement and they will show us the curated companies providing the services for Mobile Application Development Companies and Ecommerce Web Developers. Even they have option to chat with the clients to make them understand your requirements firmly. Now, it is solely our duty to choose from the provided Mobile application development companies and E-commerce web developers.

Whether in short term or long term, IT leads generating sites are helpful to you and can actually give you services and options that are most suitable for you or your firm. 


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  1. hi sachin,

    are you one of the founders of adnify or a part of the team?

    pls add the website link & twitter handle at the end for all of us to check you out. 

    quick q – do you charge the service provider or person who avails of the service or both?

  2. hi Asha,

    I’m the founder of Adnify and i have add the website and twitter handle in the post.

    No we do not charges for the person who are register the company or post the requirement we just make charge only those are interesting to purchase leads on the portal.


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