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It’s not so hard 2win! Video Episode 1 – Co-Founders

Better late than never!

For months I’ve been procrastinating on starting my video blogs and the first one is finally here!


I’m calling the series ‘It’s not so hard 2win’! My plan is to rapidly produce 1 video blog a week covering a range of topics that haunt all of us and which sometimes are best explained via images vs. text.

The first episode covers Co-Founders and their Why, Who, When and Where.

Check it out and tell me what you think in terms of content, ideas for improvement and MOST importantly topics that you want me to cover! Just add a comment and I will add it to my list!



You can watch other videos on ‘Focus’ , ‘Hiring’ , ‘Ideas’, ‘Mentors‘, ‘Sales‘ & ‘Cash Management‘, Raising Money’ & ‘How to Sell’


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And they lived happily ever after?



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  1. Very well explained Alok. 

    Is it not important to answer – “Why do you need a Co-founder at the first place? Is it always necessary to have a Co-founder?”

  2. i love the the title of the series alok! congrats!! i think rodinhooders will appreciate your video blogs!

    very often rodinhooders pose two q’s on co-founders (which i shall ask on their behalf):

    i) what kind of agreements should co-founders sign to avoid misunderstandings?

    ii) how do you decide on equity?

    and some suggested topics to cover in the future:

    Hiring & Firing

    – How should startups hire?

    – What do you see in a candidate while hiring?

    – Is firing a bad policy? 


    On Quitting

    – when is the right time in a startup to admit defeat and  move on to another idea.

    – how & when to acknowledge failure

    – using an example or a case study…. 


    Funding & VC meets

    – how & when to go about your first round of funding?

    – what points to keep in mind the first time you meet/approach an investor

    – Angel vs VC



    – How to make an impression at an event

    – how to get noticed

    – the meeting pitch! (elevator pitch is passe’) – how to pitch to someone who inspires you at an event

    – where else and how else should startups network (linkedin etc)



    – do you need a mentor?

    – if so why?

    – what should the mentor be able to offer you?

    – equity sharing with mentor

  3. Well explained and as you have been mentioning earlier as well WHY is most important to start anything be it a company, new journey of life , relationship or a co-founder …seems perfect to ponder on why and than starting any journe so direction you are looking in u seems to get your answers and partners . please coreect if wring.

    looking forward to see many such insightful videos and some on experience of meditation and how it can help in starting up a venture

  4. Alok, It’s amazing. Thanks a lot. Keep posting the video blogs.

    And any Rodinhood meetup in Bangalore in near future?

  5. Alok Sir, Awesome Video.

    I like what you said about “Joined at the Hip” and “I own You, You Own Me”

    Apart from all the important topics that Asha has mentioned, here are some that I would like you to cover : 
    a) How often do you engage with your own team members ? And what are some of the ways you recognise them ? 
    b) There are so many ideas that one gets excited about ? But after a while, you think and meditate over it, and the idea does not sound so rosy to execute or spend time on. Should we just go with our gut feel ? How do I ensure that we are not giving up on a good opportunity ? 

  6. Sir, Super Stuff and keep rocking. My Query: What really attracts a mentor in a startup, is it the founder, the story(idea) or ?

  7. Very well the video teaches the RIGHT way to pick a co-founder and the biggest issue happening with co-founders are They always looks on the profit part they don’t love or care about the product 🙁 that’s why most of the startups were failed.

    “Travel” “meet” “talk” “Filter” as you got 3 from 9000 🙂 

    Awesome Looking forward for the next videos about Funding, Networking, Hiring (If we hire right people then there is no need to fire)


  8. inshallah soon amarjeet 🙂 ps: we normally announce a month prior. so do check the newsletter every friday 🙂

  9. I digg the video format!!

    What I would like to hear from you is how do you deal with self doubt especially when you are seeing little progress for your efforts. In those times, what what would you say to any entrepreneur.

  10. Sooper stuff!

    A slight exaggeration or may be not – This is the best thing (among others) to happen on Rodinhood since Rodhinhood! 

    I have a question from the other end. Seeing the state of start-ups, crazy evaluations and then due to whatever reason shutting down or scaling down, hypothetically if I get an opportunity to join a start-up I would be apprehensive. 

    So what should a person see in a start-up which can help him/her to make an informed choice?

    Or joining a start-up inherently means that a person is willing to face whatever comes their way! 

    Thanks Alok for doing! Awesome! 

  11. Great video explaining the actual meaning of co-founder..

  12. Really helpful! Hoping for many more such videos 🙂 

  13. Good point – Its usually 2-3 to tango in this world

    Larry Page – Sergey Brin

    Steve Jobs – Wozniac

    David Filo and Jerry Yang

    But then you have a solo Zucky Baba!

  14. Puneet Babu, IDEAS has just been done by me :))

    Will post very soon. I will tag you as inspiration :))

  15. Sunil, I just recorded another video on “Mentors” :)))

    Will post soon

  16. And I shot one on ‘Hiring’ :)))

  17. Hmmmm – That will be more inspirational than factual

    Will shoot 🙂

  18. I think there is a balance somewhere.

    How to check if the correct startup exists?


  19. Great video, crisp and precise. Since you started your tech business quitting your family “textile” business. I am sure lots of members might be facing this dilemma :-

    1. how & when to quit family traditional business and startup ?

    2. can both go parallel ? 

    If you can share your views on the same.

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