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Jab they met – IIT Guy and VC in an elevator…

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First Published on: Oct 22, 2016


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  1. oooh…back to the Dabbawallahs..I guess

  2. Super haha!

  3. perfectly described…..

    a sustainable, profitable and scalable business, working towards the ‘big dream is what all IITians want to build…..

    they did engineering to build food delivery app…..what can be said about our standards……any tom dick & harry nowadays can make an app & a website…..

  4. Perfectly explained with HUMOR :))

  5. This is hilarious!

  6. If u find those tom dick or harry, please do send them. It has been particularly difficult to find them 😉

  7. Entrepreneurs please do not try this in elevators 😉 , IITian or otherwise.

  8. Exceptionally hilarious. More. .more. ..more please.

  9. Foodtech startup, what else could have made this more meaningful and hilarious at the same time? 😉

  10. Great post !! Loved The Conversation between IIT guy and Vc 🙂

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