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#JobsOnTRH – Let’s Help People Discover Opportunities!

Dear Rodinhooders,

We miss Fridays. We miss writing the Friday newsletter to you :). So why are we reaching out to you after 3.5 years? Because we want to share something we all can do together.

The pandemic has been tough for everyone. We all are overwhelmed by the enormous pressure it has put on us – be it on the home front, be it online school (most of us are parents!), be it work from home, be it how it has affected our respective ventures.

Many entrepreneurs are struggling to stay afloat. And unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs.

So while lots of people are seeking employment – many companies are actually hiring. But do we know these companies? Do we know the founders who have reinvented themselves and are looking for experienced people to take their ideas to the next level? Do we know the bootstrapped entrepreneurs who would like to take up consultancy gigs?

And do we know how to help both sides?


We’ve been talking to many folks, especially the ones who are looking for new opportunities, collaborations, clients, projects, gigs, and everyone has expressed the same concern – how does one get discovered with so much happening across so many platforms?

And that’s why we have decided to re-activate #JobsOnTRH !

We’ve always had a dedicated JOBS section on therodindhoods. And we’ve always had a strong, close-knit community, where every rodinhooder has each other’s back.

So what’s the plan?

To support everyone who is LOOKING TO GET HIRED (and in this other post, those who WANT TO HIRE!)

So, IF YOU ARE SEEKING AN OPPORTUNITY, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the community. A lot of people love hiring entrepreneurs because of our grit as well as the fact that we take ownership and how!

Simply tell us in THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW (we have both facebook comments, as well as wordpress post comments – feel free to use either) – your core skills, job profiles you are interested in and will be best suited for. Specify what you are looking for: Job/Consultancy/Freelance Assignment/Collaborations/Projects/Internship/any other.

Don’t forget to share your linkedin profile and an email id so potential employers can contact you. All the very best!!

Also check out THE COMMENTS SECTION IN THIS OTHER POST where folks who are hiring, will be posting their requirements. Btw, Games2win is hiring!

TIP: Like Facebook, to get someone’s attention in the comments section, please TAG THAT PERSON’S NAME using @name so that he/she gets notified.

What’s going to happen?

For the next month, we shall keep promoting these two posts related to #JobsOnTRH over social media. It would be awesome if you did so too!  We just want to help people. And we can, if we do it together!

IMPORTANT: While we want to help folks with synergies discover each other, kindly note we won’t be involved in the due diligence process.

Signing off hoping this #CoronaKarma will help as many people as possible in the coming month.

think. do. be. strong.
be. new.

At times, we may break. But we pull ourselves up, glue ourselves back together. And get shit done!


Asha & Alok

  • If you have been signing in via email – you can still do that. ‘Forgot Password’ totally rocks! (I used it last week and it worked perfectly!).
  • If you have always been using any social media (fb, twitter, google) to sign in on TRH, please carry on and continue to do that
  • In the rare case where you are facing an issue and don’t want to create a new profile, please reach out to for help.

P.P.S: Stay connected with therodinhoods on social media:

Twitter: @therodinhoods 





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  1. Hello! I am new to the Rodinhood community but have heard and seen enough to know its power, especially because I know that Asha is the fuel that drives this network! My name is Priya Iyer and I am one of the three co-founders of a content first company that has been helping deliver business goals through content for the last two years now. As three women co-founders, we have had our share of hits and misses and a steep learning curve these past 24 months, specifically in the last 6 months. We have done fairly well but hey, we could do better! With a combined experience of about 30 years between the 3 of us, we are at home creating content across formats and industries, B2B and B2C. Having worked with corporates, start-ups, not-for-profits, agencies et al. during our respective employment stints, we understand the ‘WHY’ of a piece of content as much as the ‘HOW’ and ‘WHAT’. So if you are a large corporate looking for content or a startup still finding its voice, let us help you create compelling content that meets business goals! We could definitely do with work coming our way! Do write to me on or connect with me on linkedin – and let us take the conversation ahead.

    • @PriyaIyer – a very warm welcome to therodinhoods 🙂 may the word force be with you!!

  2. Hi,
    My name is Gaurav Sharma. I am looking for job opportunities in mechanical engineering design domain. I have total experience of 13 years which includes ship hull structure design, sub-sea engineering, piping design, heavy structures.
    For more detailed profile please look in to my profile

    Gaurav Sharma

  3. thanks for sharing your details @gauravsharma5 . hope you are able to find a new project. all the best!

    • Thanks. Hoping for best soon.

  4. Hello All,
    I am Mandar Pimparkar, I like to grow my capacity and abilities by accepting​ new challenges and responsibilities. I am well versed with technology and business administration. I am willing to work closely with an entrepreneur to setup or grow his/her business. I can be resourceful on multiple fronts required in the company. Feel free to connect with me on 9665552945.

  5. Hi, I am Tara kumar. I have 4 years of teaching experience. Mostly been a house wife, now I want to start a business of my own. But lack clear Idea. Pls guide me through it.

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