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Launching moviebuddy… movies, buddies n me

Glad to be launching a moviebuddy on TheRodinhoods today… A Social App on Movies 

Moviebuddy was born out of the simple need a movie buff like me has… Just tell me which all movies are releasing in my languages and that’s it… No Gossip, Lengthy Articles or the Jazz around it… just the movie. 

We all read Reviews and Ratings of many critics and most of then are either biased, one sided or confusing… We always want to know what our Friends have to say about a movie and mostly then decide to see it or not… Think of all the crappy movies you saw which yet got Rated 4/5 by critics. 

moviebuddy is a a simple mobile App that helps you Follow all movies of your chosen language (as of now Hindi, English and Marathi) in one place… Know about All Upcoming Movies, New Releases, Trailer and Song launches, Cast & Crew etc. 

Now you can see Reviews and Ratings from your Friends and not just random critics… Select movies you Wanna Watch, share the list with your friends, make movie plans and know when movies get released. Recommend good movies to your Friends one to one. 

Movie Listing from Hollywood, Bollywood and British Cinema… 

Portal – 

Android / Google Play – 

iOS – coming soon… 

Facebook – moviebuddyHindi and moviebuddyEnglish

Please do send your feedback, bug reports and suggestions in the comments below or to 


Hey, check out our video made by fellow Rodinhooders BrandLoveVideos


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  1. Good idea !

    Just couple of questions:

    1. For this to work, a person will need to wait for some of this friends to see the movie, rate it and then I would be able to see the rating. Correct? Correct me if I am wrong !

    2. I normally go along with my friends so how will this work for anyone? Just curious to know.

    3. How about the movie having a rating from an “authenticated” source? I know again getting an honest review is tough but that the challenge !

    4. A movie fan will not wait for their friends / family to watch a movie and rate it. How will you overcome this problem?

    5. What according to you, is your USP? How is your app different from all other sources available on internet.



  2. It looks promising. This can be useful every weekend 🙂

  3. Thanks for your revert and interest Arpit… 

    1. Yes… a person will need to wait for friends to see the movie, if one wants to know their ratings and review… its like how you would wait in real life if your friends ratings matter… having said that with moviebuddy you can get to see Ratings and Reviews of real people (even if you dont know them) and not just critics. also, anybody in your phone contact list, who is using moviebuddy will be shown in the contact section

    2. Didnt get your question… but if it helps, you can know which movies your friends want to see through moviebuddy… when they select Wanna Watch, you will know they want to see it 

    3. All movie ratings will come from real people and from anybody in your phone contacts if they are using the app 

    4. I dont see that as a problem… Someone will always be the first person to see a movie, he can then rate and review it 

    5. USP is actually the fact that the app is there… there is no app / portal that shows upcoming movies, new releases and their content in such a simple and user friendly way… most movie portals / apps have a lot of gossip and jazz around it and most importantly an App that can tell me Ratings and Reviews of people I know than just random names and critics…

    Hope this helps… Look forward to your feedback 

  4. I hope so too… actually if you like and watch movies then otherwise also 🙂

  5. Just out of curiosity, what prevents this idea from a generic review on the things that friends have done, purchased, experienced etc. ?

  6. I love movies and here is my two bit .

    I use bookmyshow to find what movies are playing, check their trailers, view critics reviews, view user reviews, and also to book my tickets which is the single biggest convenience that it offers. I suggest you provide or link to a booking api via your app.

    The only feature that is not there in bookkmyshow ( and which I had suggested to them a few months back ) was to show upcoming movies and trailers and have a facility to bookmark/ set reminder within app on when they release in my nearby multiplex.

    All the best to a fellow entrepreneur! It takes guts to startup and patience and hardwork to sustain the same.

  7. Amen to that Neeraj… and someday moviebuddy will have siblings called fashionbuddy, foodbuddy etc 🙂

  8. thanks Sandeep…. I agree to your comments… 

    Integration with BMS will be a future feature for sure… once this reaches a size where it can ask for that. 

  9. Neeraj,

    In today’s world of competitiveness and extensive competition, brands go a long way in promoting their products using word of mouth especially reviews. But unfortunately it has been found time and again that the reviews are not genuine, honest and worst of all, paid for by the brand.

    Being a marketing / branding professional, I have has to face this issue on a regular basis and have always wanted to work out a solution so I have been working on for some time.

    Being just by myself and currently running a business, it becomes a bit difficult to take the idea forward quickly. If I find a a co-founder, this concept is definitely going forward quickly !

  10. Thanks for the credits Rudrajeet 🙂

  11. Hey Rudrajeet,

    A long awaited movie portal (kind of desi imdb) of our own, congratulations and a very good luck!!

    Just one question out of curiosity and some suggestions out of excitement:
    1. Why you have different facebook pages for hindi and english?

    2. Please add ‘Genre’ on movie detail page, this helps the user at many levels.

    3. I know you will be integrating with ticket booking sites in future, but for now you can simply add a link to google search result page for the running shows of a movie on movie detail page and also on movie titles on “now playing” page.

    4. Your recommendations for similar movies on movie detail page does not seems to be showing results very intelligently.

    For example on the page for “Dark Places”, (which is a Drama and Thriller ): , recommended movies are:

    1.THE RUMPERBUTTS – comedy

    2.Z for Zachariah – thriller and drama.

    3.The Good Dinosaur – comedy and animation.

    4.GLASS CHIN – thriller and drama

    5.VACATION – comedy

    6.THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY – drama

    Even an appropriate order based on genre and date of release of these movies would make more sense. ( Z for Zachariah, GLASS CHIN, THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY, VACATION, THE RUMPERBUTTS, The Good Dinosaur)

    I think going forward if you start adding Genre to your movies these recommendation and overall user experience can be improved drastically.

    Cheers !!!

    P.S: I like to think myself as a movie buff but I may be wrong at so many levels on all the above suggestions.

  12. One more , I wonder why you don’t have the full header on your movie detail page.

    Please see below images:

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