Author: Rudrajeet Desai

99 Questions every Investor will ask… Especially a VC

      Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!!     About me ...Read More

Product Analyst for WorkApps Inc

WorkApps Inc – A SaaS Startup that recently got funded by a leading US Tech Investor is lookin...Read More

Presenting WorkApps – A New Age Work Management Platform

Dear Rodinhooders… Proud to present to you WORKAPPS… A new age Enterprise Tech Startup.  What is Wor...Read More

How I found the best people to work with on TheRodinhoods!

I am a serial entrepreneur and have been working in the tech and digital space for the last decade o...Read More

HELP HELP HELP !!! Looking for Preferred App Users, Digital Media Experts, Social Media Gurus, App Queens & Kings and lots more…

About moviebuddy moviebuddy is a Social App on movies…  It lists all Upcoming ...Read More

How to calculate Equity Dilution in an Investment Round

In most cases that I have seen in my 10 year entrepreneurial journey, first time Entrepreneurs do no...Read More

Launching moviebuddy… movies, buddies n me

Glad to be launching a moviebuddy on TheRodinhoods today… A Social App on Movies  Moviebuddy w...Read More

Breaking Out and Making Big

It feels great to have reached a point in my entrepreneurial journey where I am able to contribute b...Read More

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