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The Next Big Thing!!! – Can it be Agriculture???

“Please do not try this at home”

This is how most of our programs start in television but I start this note by asking you to

“Please try this at your home.”

Take your son or daughter to your kitchen and open out your groceries shelf or the refrigerator to them.

Now a simple question to them and to you too –

Out of those things in the shelf, how many plants have you seen in real and a full plant? For that matter, how many have you seen yourself. We have been having rice, dhall, onion, tomato, fenugreek, asafoetida, cardamaom, cloves, garlic and so on. How many of them have you or your child seen in real life as a plant in whole?

Thats reminds me of my friend who asked me in which tree does rice grow? Seriously… which “TREE”.

That aside, the hard striking question in front of us is “Are our kids living in an illusionary world where they do not get to see things in complete or in real?” Will they ever get a chance to see and feel how a farm or field looks like?

Travelling back few decades, daughters and sons of our great grand parents had their own farms and back yard gardens. it was a routine for the children to accompany the father to their fields, spend time with cows, chicken, goats and other animals. See, hear, observe, learn in a natural way. These learnings of indigenous practices transferred and transformed to multiple generations.

With urbanization and the loss of traditional way of life, we have lost that touch with nature. Today our kids are growing plants in tablets and mobiles using Farmville. I am not against the digital revolution but just apprehensive that we are losing our touch with nature. I am sure there will be a U turn towards nature at some point in ones life and the day is not too far. Just travel back few years again, how many organic shops did you see and how many do you see now? How many stories did you hear about corporate persons quitting their job and getting into agriculture? We are witnessing this change in the mindset more and more now and the day for the U turn for many others is not that far away.


If you ask me for a proof, here we have, more than 40 of our subscribers are from corporate who wanted to take up agriculture and are virtual farmers today & we are growing exponentially. With the advancement of technologies like Drones, Predictive Analytics, Precision Farming etc can we look at making Agriculture, The Next Big Thing??

To discuss more on agriculture/ farming, please feel free reach out to me at call me at +91 9566034236.

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