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Diwali, Winter, Summer, Chatbots, Survey Forms, Winkl and a Fond Adieu! [Oct 29-Nov 4, 2016]

My Dear Rodinhooder,

Hope you all had an awesome Diwali break and indulged in the choicest mithais!

This week we at TRH quietly turned 6 years old – so happy birthday to each one of you!


Lots to share this time. I promise, no emotional atyachaar!

The Party!

Diwali is what you make it to be says Alok and he shares what it means to him!

Through the ‘winters’ of funding season, Rodinhooder Shubham shares his amazing entrepreneurial journey.

Building an awesome team 101 – a must read for every founder!

What’s missing in this picture set? (Elon Musk’s business). Alok’s question for you!

The future of chatbots is not even messengers says this rodinhooder! What say you?!

The Presents!

SummerLabel – ‘Zomato for fashion lifestyle stores’ – they are beta testing so do share your feedback!

Winkl – Fashion & Beauty tips on demand FOR FREE!

Surveyforms – free surveys and forms generator

The next big thing – can it be agriculture?

The Icecream!

We’re looking for a Content Manager for TRH– are you one? Do you know one? Apply, apply!

Rodinhooder Amit wants to know how to look for an investor for his gifting venture?

Last week if you were busy with the festivities, here’s your chance to catch up on your reading!

The Return Gift…

Moving on, not moving out. My farewell note to you :).


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So I guess it’s a wrap from my end. And this is probably the last newsletter from me. I admit, I feel a bit broken right now. But that’s what growing up is all about :).

Like I mentioned, I’m around. So if you need anything I’m still an email or tweet away!

Thank you for making TRH so special. It’s been an honour being a part of your journey.


think. do. be. true.

to yourself. and whatever you do.

keep rodinhooding!


fondly, as always,

asha chaudhry
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  1. I guess it put things in perspective for me that after reading this I felt an Irrational Panic. Its like I had a perpetual source of help and advice which is now going away. True you are kind enough to grant us access to your vibrant self, but nevertheless feels like a loss. Long story short, I could ramble and rant or I could shut all the noises inside my head and support and encourage you in whatever you wish to do, Guess who taught me that?

    • SARVESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! should i call you? 🙂
      i’m around baba! just not running trh as active editor/community manager!
      i’m still a ping away. and i will still ping u every single time i think you should comment on a post :))))
      i have never met you and yet, i feel i know you so well!!
      i haven’t decided what i’m going to do next. and i haven’t even explored opportunities. i’m just taking a few weeks off to sort out myself, watch some incredible films at IFFI. i will always be in touch! thanks ever so much for your best wishes!!!

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