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Now keep a fitness assistant with you all the time… Introducing FiFi

Okay! I must say I’ve been missing the opportunity to be back on TRH.

Asha, thanks for that quick message, it was a great reminder that I can always look up to my fellow Rodinhooders for advice. 

So, fellows those of you who do not know me a brief intro of mine: I’m a fellow Rodinhooder and an entrepreneur from Delhi. For a long time now, have been working on different things so that I could have a bit of your attention.

My recent venture had been running for about two years now. We were trying to come up with something that was simple to use but had a lot to offer. Finally, we were able to come up with something like that and we call it FiFi – My Fitness Assistant.

So, what is FiFi? 

FiFi (pronounced fee-fee) is an AI-fueled, interactive personal health & fitness assistant. FiFi is quickly able to understand your need and gives you a solution that works for you. Now, you have a personal trainer cum dietitian cum stylist that accompanies you everywhere and knows all. It handles the multi-source information, converges that to a single point, analyzes and segments it and then presents it to you in simple language.

FiFi’s AI has been specifically designed for health and fitness domain. It has been designed to understand and analyze natural language (English for now) and this, in turn, helps our experts to provide you with a customized solution for your needs. It’s constantly evolving and updating its information structure. 

Why we took so much pain?

Okay, let me confess something to you first. I lost 20kgs in 3 months and have been doing so. Who was my trainer? My trainer was the Internet. The reason for this is, I’ve not see too many qualified trainers and those who have knowledge are too expensive for me to hire. Becoming fit or maintaining your health has two main components diet and exercise. Both these components, generally need to be followed in a 70-30 ratio but will be differently handled for different persons as per their body type and requirements.

Also, forcing a diet or workout doesn’t work here, as you’ll be demotivated and bored, then you’ll just stay away from it. I loved to have multiple options with me, where I was able to schedule my diet and workouts without getting bored and demotivated and of course I did get results. Seeing the results boost your confidence and keep your motivation high.

I had time, so I took to research, extracted the information and compiled it for my use. But, that’s not possible for everyone. So, we thought why not help you guys do the same, help you with all the information you need to start your fitness journey or even maintain it. That’s how FiFi came to existence.

Why should you give it a try?

  1. Ease of Use – As simple as texting your friend.
  2. Experts help you achieve your fitness goals.
  3. 3-in-1 Advisors – It’s your own personal trainer, dietitian & stylist.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Just download our app (links are below).
  2. Sign Up & Login
  3. Complete Your Profile
  4. Select A Topic
  5. Start Asking Your Questions

More things are coming up, so stay tuned…

My team and I (Twitter: @vipulmeehnia) would like your feedback on the app. Tell us how we could improve, what we can add to make it useable for you?

You can download the app here.


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  1. Hi,

    I installed your iOS app on iPhone 6 plus and it is very buggy.

    1) After creating a login, I got a chat window. When I enter some text and keyboard comes up, the text field vanishes.

    2) There is no option to go back to main menu.

    3) Clicking the hamburger menu, just shows the profile pane with my name. No user input.

    Cleared the app from memory and tried again. Still the same.

  2. hey sridhar – i completely forgot you are into UX now!! awesome feedback – will look forward to your detailed feedback when we open trh new beta site soon!!!

  3. Hi Sridhar,

    Thanks for your review. Will get my team onto this right away.


    Vipul Meehnia

  4. still a learner 🙂

  5. Sure 🙂

  6. Quick question

    What’s the differentiator between this and say a Goquii?

  7. Well, Alok Goqii is an established ecosystem in itself. Whereas we are just taking the first step towards developing an autonomous fitness AI program.

    I would say that we envision it to become “Siri for Fitness”. You’ll be able to talk with the program to obtain credible information. Not only that the program will be able to create customized fitness solution on the go.

    Right now, all we are doing is letting it understand (natural language processing) and learn (machine learning).

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