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Online Payment Gateway Integration on Website for International Users


Please suggest some Online Payment Gateway to be integrated on our website, an online medical consultation site, so that International Users can pay us.

We started using PayPal on the website for the online payments but our users are facing technical issues and are unable to pay through it as its not user friendly . We also contacted CC Avenue & Pay U, for the same but according to their rules they don’t provide their Payment Gateways for Online Medical Consultation.

So kindly suggest me some good option.

Thank You. 


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  1. Hi Dushyant

    I faced similar issue in the beginning for my eCommerce venture- The South Indian Store. Finally I went with PayUMoney. But I think they don’t offer international payments yet. So, you can try a couple of other payment gateways like Citrus pay. I know citrus pay accepts international payments and should work for you. They have a good support team and you will surely get some integration help from their team.

    Please let us know which one worked best for you. I am too planning to integrate citrus pay for my store very soon.


  2. Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for your message, we have already taken payu gateway for our another site which works for international payments as well but currently we are facing problem in getting payment gateway for our online medical consultation site as no major gateway of offering us international gateway due to rbi regulations (this is what they tell us) thus forcing us to use Paypal which has pathetic service, high charges and its not at all user friendly. We have again touch base with payu as we have just international gateway for our travel site but we are still looking for options if anyone knows here

    Best Wishes


  3. dushyant,

    we have rodinhooders from CC Avenue (the founder vishwas patel), team members from PayU (paritosh sharma) as well as the team from CitrusPay are also rodinhooders. pls let me know if you’d like me to share this link with any of them (or all of them!)

  4. Thanks for your message Asha ji, Please connect with them 🙂

  5. hey dushyant,

    so, i pinged the citrus team. they’ve said their website has a self-service option for set up. so feel free. in case you have an issues – pls write to me and i’ll connect you to them.

  6. Thanks Asha. You’re always incredible!

    @Dushyant : I checked. The line of business is not allowed for Intl. payments with PayUbiz. Im happy to hear from you anytime:

  7. Hi Partisoh,

    Thanks for your message, I got to know about this few months back but I again touch base with payu people yesterday as we already have international gateway for our travel site, they told me today that if we wish to use the same company account then we can have the gateway for free but I still dont trust her words as many people told me that it becoz of RBI guidelines no payment gateway company can help us. Can you please reconfirm the same again ?



  8. Hey @paritosh

    Can you please check if my website is eligible for international payment through payU? What is the process? Please help.


  9. Dushyant.. check with your integration we have implemented PayPal for lot many client and its very convenient and easy for users. Additionally you can also check they are also good.

    If you are using paypal for both domestic and international, then let me inform you that India’s residing in India cannot make payment for domestic transaction using paypal.

    Hence for domestic customers you will have to use a domestic payment gateway.

  10. Hi Dushyant,

    Here’s is a post that has some of the payment options in general. As far as i know EBS is another gateway that allows international payment options, and has slashed their pricing. Here’s is the link to their updated pricing:

  11. Thank you everyone for your valuable replies. We are facing major issue with our business model as no  company is offering international gateway, we are already working with paypal but facing some issues in the African market where we are working Majorly. Though I will check out options with other gateways which you all have suggested 


  12. Hi Dushyant,

    We faced similar issues in the past in terms of accepting payments from international payment. We communicated with many Payment gateway providers (most of them Indian) however they had some limitations. Finally, our problem was solved with the help of 2checkout. Our website is now integrated with 2checkout for international payments.

    You can give 2checkout a try.

  13. Hi Anoop,

    Why don’t you look at our proposal as well before finalizing? Lets connect and discuss. I can be reached on +91 9773440830. 


    Pramod Ganji

    Manager- Business Development.

  14. Hi Dushyant,

    Got the solution. Please get in touch with me on +91 9773440830.

    Pramod Ganji.

    Manager- Business Development. 

  15. Hi Neha,

    Thanks for your reply, I will surely look into it


  16. Hi Pramod,

    Thanks for your reply,I believe CC avenue is not doing it as I have been told by your team only. Can you please check again whether they can accept payments for this business model ?


  17. Instead of a PG, what can work for you both on your website and facebook is:

    The PayUmoney button. User clicks the “Pay Now” button on your site, the payments page opens up and the user can pay via CC, DC, NB. The same button can be integrated seamlessly on your fb page too!

    Ping me your number at: The team will help you get working quickly!

  18. Hi Dushyant,

    I am aware about your past conversation with our team. I had a detailed discussion with our risk and audit team and have figured out a solution.

    Please share your contact number to discuss the proposition.


    Pramod Ganji

    +91 9773440830 

  19. Hi Pramod, Thanks for your message. My contact no is +919654742998 

  20. Hi Pramod,

    Do you have any arrangement for accepting international payment ?



  21. Your post really helped me to understand about this. It has great details and yet it is easy to understand.That’s what i was looking for. I will definitely share it with others.Thanks for sharing.

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