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Rodinhood Delhi Meetups

I have moved to Delhi from Mumbai couple of days back and already missing Rodinhood meet-ups.

Wondering if Rodinhooders in Delhi-NCR can plan a monthly meet-up.




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  1. great initiative ashwani!!!! we’ve got lots of rodinhooders based in delhi – am sure you’ll be able to gather numbers every month! 

    interested dilliwaale – pls say aye!

    do action it!!!!

  2. I would love to be a part of it ! 

  3. I am in for Rodinhood’s Delhi meetup!!

  4. hey ashwani – i moved to delhi 11 years back – for love – always game to meet my gaonwala’s . lets plan 

  5. @Rahul – Sure, Let’s catch-up. Since I am new here, please suggest where we can have it. We can have a preliminary discussion during start-up saturday on 14th.   

  6. Hi Ashwani…….Good to see you here and initiate……Lets start with a small get together next friday evening. Places that should be suitable to all could be Connaught Place, SDA Market (opp IIT), or even DLF Infinity Tower Food Court in Gurgaon Cyber City.

    Let me know if I could be of any use…..Will be there always…… 

    There are many more Rodinhooders in Delhi/Gurgaon/NOIDA…….and I will spread the word.

  7. great idea…….lets start it asap…..Lets make Delhi the capital for the Rodinhood Meet ups too 🙂

  8. @Gurpreet – Let’s have it on Saturday/Sunday. What about Saturday evening ? Mailing you my contact number.

  9. Great Ashwin…..Got your number and have messaged mine across too.

    I think you would be in CP for Startup Saturday. Will any time after that is suitable? 
    Will Costa Coffee at CP, Outer Circle be convenient to all. if you have a better option please dear Rodinhooders.

    Even Sunday Breakfast Seems to be a Good Option…………….Garama garam Cholle Bhature par Garma garam Baatien!!!

    In that case too….Haldiram’s in CP is a good place.Hit of Rs 150 per person.

    Akshay, kamal, Jai, Rahul …Bhai Log, please share your comfort.

  10. @Gurpreet – I am on for saturday evening. Let’s get other Rodinhooder’s opinion.  

  11. I am not sure of Saturday evening but I am in on Friday evening

  12. Ashwani……..Can we keep it for 3 pm on a Saturday Evening at Costa Coffee CP?

    Rahul, Jai, Akshay, will it be comfortable for you.

    Had a word with Fellow Rodinhooder, Neeraj Mehta today, and he will also be a part of it amongst other people, I have talked to.

    Please confirm so that an Event could be created and circulated.

  13. Wohooo…finally..Asha Chadhary – Thanks for this link!! And Mr. Ashwani… I am IN! 🙂

  14. I am game for Sat 3pm in CP

  15. I’ll be traveling this Saturday, so won’t be possible for me.

  16. Great Anamika……..
    Ashwani..Can you make an Event for this on the Rodinhood Blog so that we could share with others.

    It would be at Costa Coffee, Outer Circle, Connaught Place…..@3 pm. 500 metres from the Rajiv Chowk(CP) Metro Station and 200 metres from Barakhamba Road Metro Station.

    Agenda, would be just to Introduce or selves first and let the conversation chart it’s own course on Entrepreneurship and related Issues.
    Looking Forward!! 🙂

  17. gr8

  18. vijay,

    this is the event announcement link

  19. Hey can we have the exact date/time/agenda [even if there’s none, pls mention ;)], etc regarding the meet!

  20. Anamika…….All the details are mentioned here.

    This Saturday..Rodinhood Get-together happens in Delhi………..Some Coffee, Some Chat, Some Experiences, Some Learning, Some Memories to motivate us to come again for the next meet.
    Current Entrepreneurs and those who are looking to be one…..This is a Good Opportunity to meet , Learn and Share with like Minded Individuals.
    Saturday, 14th July, Costa Coffee , Outer Circle, CP.

    The Agenda is to introduce our selves and what we do…….and then we have 2 entrepreneurs who would be sharing the concept they are working on and we can debate and share our feedback.

    Normally, we have seen that in mixers like this, we start with one topic and let the ideas flow…….And we can plan a proper agenda when we meet next time.

    Anamika, If you have anything to share/present/ or want to have a solution for some pain point , then please share at the mixer and we will all share our experiences and may be we get a Good Solution.

    Please feel free to call Ashwani or met at 9810668585.
    This would be the first of many more to come and I am sure, We could the Delhi mixers could prove to be  Idea Generators and Solution provider meets.

    Looking Forward to see you at the Mixer.

  21. My number is – 9953328444

  22.  Sounds good – Will be there – ::)))

  23. After my first meetup in Mumbai in May, I wanted that if a similar initiative can happen in Delhi and  I get a chance to meet fellow Rodinhooders here. Thanks Ashwani for taking the initiative.

    Looking forward to meet the local gang. 🙂

  24. Thanks Amit. see ya at meetup.

  25. Awesome, I am in!

  26. Thanks a lot everybody. The meet was awesome. We will plan another one next month. This time at some more convenient location.

  27. Do let us know the next days for a meeting in Delhi.. Its will be great to be there. 


    Navjit Singh

  28. Navjit….The Nest meet is tentatively planned for 28th July in Gurgaon.

    The event would be created and Posted on The Rodinhoods Website and a Link placed in this Thread too.


  29. Hi all Any traction/next steps on this? 

    Would love to join. 

  30. Kamal,

    The last one happened on 4th in Gurgaon. We plan to have the next meetup on 18th in Central or South Delhi.

    Details will be posted soon.


  31. Hey guys, though I have just joined, but I would like to be part of the next meet. So when’s the next Delhi meet planned.

  32. hey everyone!!!

    surprise surprise!!! tomorrow afternoon 3-5pm delhi rodinhooders have a mixer planned  with Alok!

    these are the details. do not miss!!! spread the word!

  33. anamika…

    surprise surprise!!! tomorrow afternoon 3-5pm delhi rodinhooders have a mixer planned  with Alok!

    these are the details. do not miss!!!

  34. i want Goa surprise :):):):)  

  35. as in, a meet up in goa???!!!!

    hahahhahaha – can be discussed on the 31st


  36. I am In for todays meetup!!

  37. hey guys,

    some delhi rodinhooders are catching up this saturday – sept 15th. check out the link and rsvp!

  38. Hey Delhi Wallahs: Don’t miss the coming Delhi RH Meet-up on Wednesday Evening. Check out the details here:

    Our editor, Asha ji will also be joining us. The concept this time for presentations is: “How you won your first client?”

    Share your story/experience/lessons with us 🙂

    Looking forward to meeting you all!!

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