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Rodinhooding on a Friday evening…

For the first time in my life I missed the Olympics Opening. And I’m glad. Watching the Queen jump from the sky wouldn’t be much of a rush as compared to watching young passionate entrepreneurs free falling, bungee jumping, paragliding, parasailing…. basically just Rodinhooding!

Look at this pic – this, to me, is INDIA SHINING!


If you were present here, you would’ve felt the energy – vibrant, eager to soak in, hungry to share, even more hungry to learn. Heck, I felt an adrenaline surge … a collective wave of enthusiasm. Wouldn’t be surprised if my vitals were on the high side! Wouldn’t be surprised if I was not the only one who felt this way…

Rodinhooding is infectious!

Our venue is perfect. Not humongous. Not squeezed. Just perfect. Yes, the blessings of the beautiful 200-seater NSE Auditorium that hosts our monthly Open House adds to the charm! [Many many thanks to NSE and Akancha, who made this happen.] Take my word for it, when it’s near full, like it was that day, it really rocks!!

In fact, Abhijeet from NSE was a part of the evening, and was happy to share that ever since the Rodinhoods Open Houses have started, they’ve been getting a lot of enquiries!

The ‘perfect’ auditorium!


So the presentations went off well – we craved for more Q & A time, which is why the format has been tweaked. You’ve already read about the awesomeness of each presentation via Alok’s post. I’ll just mention a few things that are etched in my memory.


Rodinhooding is rewarding!

I’ve known Deven for 6+ years and was happy to watch him defend his mission to spread kindness with utmost sincerity. What touched me, was the way Kanchan promptly committed 2 tickets to ‘startup kindness’ [+2 for Rodinhooders] to every TiE event! [what most of you don’t know, is that Kanchan actually moved an important event around to ensure he was in town to attend the Open House on 27th July!!!]

Where else do you find such spontaneity, such crowd wisdom, such willingness to share & contribute?

[I also happened to meet Kanchan over coffee the next day. And he totally surprised me by showing the notes he’d taken down during the Open House to HELP EACH AND EVERY PRESENTER!  Though he hasn’t been able to write a post on his suggestions, I believe one entrepreneur duo has already sought some strategic advice from him.]


Rodinhooding is entertaining!

On the KejriWall someone remarked that some presenter’s slides looked so drab. Well there’s a difference between seeing a picture and watching a Rodinhooder live in action!

Vishal Gupta is a great example to mention here. What took me by complete surprise was Vishal’s down- to-earth, straight from the heart, matter-of-factly approach. He had the entire audience in splits, rolling on the floor and eating out of his hand!

Deven & Vishal presenting

video courtesy: Mandar Joshi


Rodinhooding is expecting the unexpected!

By now, everybody knows Vasu. And everybody loves Vasu. He’s so excited when he speaks, you’d think he’s running out of oxygen!  He’s passionate and earnest. And every time he comes all the way from Coimbatore, he is full of surprises. The first time he had an amazing story. The second time he brings his clients along!

The other out-of-towner Rodinhooders were Hiranand Chawla from Rajkot and Mandar Joshi from Pune (pls add more names in the comments if I’ve missed someone). Mandar came. Set up his tripod. And shot some awesome videos! Entirely as his own initiative!!


Rodinhooding happens offline too!

Meeting people I normally hang out with online, was the most exciting part of my Rodinhooding experience (my face kept lighting up like a Christmas tree!). I’ve hung out with so many Rodinhooders on the KejriWall for over one and a half years now. I know their names, their start-ups.  I recognise their mug shots. I remember most of their comments… so even though I hadn’t met ANYONE before (including Rodinya himself) – these people weren’t strangers at all. Kanchan Kumar, Vinay Chhoda, Mandar Joshi, Vishal Gupta, Himanshu Mody, Milan Bavishi, Vijay Khubchandani, Nirmalya Dutta and many others … we all bonded just as well offline as we do online!

Online friends meet offline!


Rodinhooding is one huge ‘bhel’…!

Call it networking, brainstorming, ideating, intellectual massaging, debating, problem solving, match-making, merry-making, learning… it has all the potent ingredients to rock your world in those couple of hours. So while the Queen may have done a 007 and celebrated her sky feat with a little something shaken, not stirred… I soaked up a whole lot of Rodinhooding!!!

I know where I’m gonna be on the last Friday of the month. See you there?!

p.s: it would be really nice if other Rodinhooders would share their Rodinhooding experience – Open House or any other…



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  1. Yes Asha that was an electrified evening for all of us present there and you have recreated the whole experience for those also who unfortunately could not become a part of this event. All the ideas presented were brilliant and most importantly commitment in the entrepreneurs was visible. As they say you need commitment and drive to become an entrepreneur idea can be reshaped but not the commitment:) I enjoyed the Q & A at the end of each presentation wherein the presenter was literally grilled by the pointed questions and finally the expert comment of Rodinhood with very important suggestions. Out of all these presentations I liked Sarang’s IntouchID the most. Felt really proud that such an amazing idea is getting developed in Pune and not in valley 🙂 I mentioned this somewhere that I want ROH to become WWDC of entrepreneurship in India. Lets bring in more and more creative minds and lets create a bigger and stronger community and an ecosystem. 

  2. amen!

  3. If you wanna take up a sport, try RODINHOODING!

    Held on the last Friday of every month at the NSE auditorium, Mumbai 🙂

    Disclaimer – No fee for trying it out. There will be an entrepreneurial charge passed on to you once you become addicted to it. 

  4. Awesome!! 
    Liked the part of Online and Offline connections, Even though I had never Met Asha before this meet or some others I could immediately Place their Names to the faces as if I knew them already 🙂
    Thanks Asha On Calling out my Name on the First Meeting with you, yes no formal introductions done no formalities no Intros etc Just “Hey DARSHAN” and we were connected instantaneously.
    Always feel elated to meet Entrepreneurs and get to hear their story feel like I have been through the same at some stage in Life myself and can immediately relate to it, sharing the possible areas and suggestions accordingly come automatically too so they can implement to get it working for them there on wards, tweaking it as per their requirement.

    A Great Feeling of Oneness and Realizing Yourself once Again!!

  5. I read this article while getting my Petrol tank filled and with each word I could sense my smile getting wider and eyes Twinkling More. Half of my reply was composed while I was driving and somehow it vanished in thin air when I reached home and decided to write.

    Anyways……Asha you are Right when you Say “”THIS IS”,  INDIA SHINING!”

    So much of Energy, So much of Enthusiasm, So much of Passion…I am sure, the hall would be like a Balloon filled with Positive Vibes to the Hilt.

    This is the reason due to which,  Who have been a part of it once, want to come again and those of us who are not from Mumbai read and see about it want to come here.

    4 Months back Kanchan Sir said it and now I heard Akancha saying it that very soon A Stadium would be required to seat all. Doesn’t look it will take a Long Time.

    Reading about Vishal, Deven, Vijay, Akancha, Mandar,Vasu, Minish doesn’t give feeling that we have never met..……Just makes us feel that we all are Distant Cousins of Rodinhood Family.

    “”When Rodinhoods Will Shine, India Will Definitely Shine too”

  6. :)))))))))))))))

  7. i clicked the invisible LIKE yatin….!

  8. Hey Asha,

    I might not have the money to buy me a ticket but if you let me know 20 days in advance, I can start hiking my way from Chennai. No, I’m not joking. An entrepreneur missing the only community that cares about him is getting it all wrong!  🙂

  9. so you’re coming??? if so, i suggest you make that 5×5 ppt and send it to me. let’s see if you get a chance to present!!!!!

    what say?!

  10. this friday evening, last year….

    we’ve come so far….!!!

    keep rodinhooding people 🙂

  11. Aug 10th ? O_o  Today is Just 26th July eh ?

  12. darshan… the above mentioned OH happened on friday, 27th july 2012. i posted it on aug 10, 2012. it was this FRIDAY evening, last year. 

  13. YEAH!!! 😉 Silly me 😛 Sorry, too many things going on at the same time.

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