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Silicon Valley, Leads, VR, AR, Digital Movements, Flickstree and we’re HIRING! [Oct 15-21, 2016]

Heylo Rodinhooder,

It’s been a week of fixing bugs, broken links, spam control, experimenting, tweaking, tightening nuts & bolts and everything that comes along with a new site after migrating heavy duty startup ammo!! For a non tech person like me, it’s been one big continuous learning experience I must say!


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Some of you even received a very friendly note from one Soniya – sorry about that. Case of wrong community, I guess ;). Well, we sent her away…                                                                                   

Thanks for your love, patience, support, concern, suggestions, feedback and everything you do as a rodinhooder!


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Now, let’s talk about the other stuff that happened this week…


How Rodinhooder Sanjay got some of the best people in Sillicon Valley to advise him! Some simple insights that could help you too!

Funding Pitch – ZyenaLABS is a VR/AR based startup into Aviation & Aerospace and is looking for some funding!

Art of Living Digital India Movement is preparing rural India for a digital revolution. This involves empowering village level entrepreneurs through digital literacy.  You can be a part of this movement – read how!




Leads that bleed– Kriti’s next startup comic! Resonates, naa?!



Startup Plugin!

Flickstree – an aggregator for movie streaming websites

Page not found! Oops! I mean, answers not found, yet!

Parixit has a startup dilemma – he really needs your advice…

How do you develop a vision? Ashish wants you to share your experience and guide him!

Redirection: Startup Opportunities!

TheRodinhoods is looking for a Business Content Writer! Are you one? Do you know one? YELL & TELL!

Rodinhooder Rizwan likes to solve problems through technology!

Digilocal is looking for a Graphic Designer & Social Media person

Repforce needs Data Scientists


LAST CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR #WIEF2017! If you’re an early stage entrepreneur – don’t miss the chance to participate in the 21st Wharton India Economic Forum! LAST DATE: OCT 23.

Did you read our most viewed article in the last 2 weeks? No prizes for guessing – What Alok (un)learnt jab he met Narayana Murthy for all of 4 mins!

If you still haven’t signed into the brand new TRH – here’s what you need to do RIGHT NOW!!

Like every year, I’ll be in Saddi Dilli next week, for a couple of weeks. Till then,

and fix all things broken.


your friendly non geek,

asha chaudhry
co-founder & editor
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