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A Brand New TRH, 4 Minutes with Narayana Murthy and Wharton is Calling YOU!

Hola Rodinhooder!

Welcome to the other side!!

So yeah, we finally have a new site for you! After you have gone through it (you bet! that’s the first thing everyone needs to do!!) – PLS LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT!!


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How to sign in to your old membership account on the new site:

It’s simple 🙂

  • If you have been signing in via email – you can still do that. You will just need to request for setting a new password (passwords don’t get migrated!)

In case you don’t remember which email id you’ve been using on TRH, it is the email id on which you have received this newsletter!!

  • If you have always been using any social media (fb, twitter, linkedin, g+) to sign in on TRH, pls carry on and continue to do that

The site is still a work in progress – we would love for you to share your feedback and help us improve it. You can email me ( what you don’t like or stuff that needs to fixed and we’ll look into it.


Sharing some posts of the week with you!

Alok recently met Narayana Murthy in a plane. Read the lessons (un)learnt from NM in those 4 minutes!



WIEF2017: EARLY STAGE ENTREPRENEURS – you just got lucky!! The last date to apply for the 21st Wharton India Economic Forum’s startup competition has been EXTENDED TO OCT 23! So apply for sure! This year too we’d love to see a rodinhooder as one of the finalists!!



Rodinhooder Sajid is creating employment opportunities for fresh graduates with an NGO. Pls fill up his survey on skill developments for fresh grads.

Re-sharing last time’s RodinStar post of the week – Rodinhooder Akshay’s learnings from Heidi Roizen…

We had a loaded newsletter last time. Do read it HERE if you couldn’t last Friday!

re-invent yourself.


much love & luck, always!

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co-founder & editor
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