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Starship Amazon, App Dev Costs, Starting Up Q’s, Patanjali & How I Met Mulchand! [Aug 20-26, 2016]

My Dear Chef Rodinhooder,

It’s Friday and I’m a tad sad today for a change! MasterChef Australia comes to an end and I’m gonna miss watching those talented folks create magic plus #SpeakingGourmet…!

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But hey, come to think of it, I have better shows to watch!! Don’t forget to BLOCK YOUR CALENDAR BENGALURU – we have a MasterStartupShow with you next month!  

Yeah! TRH BANGALORE OPEN HOUSE IS ON SEPT 24 (SATURDAY2-6PM). RSVP HERE to block your gourmet samosa!! (We will be sending a list of attendees to Yahoo! our awesome Venue Partner – so pls RSVP!)


Presenting the content of the week…

Heston’s Liquid Nitrogen!

U.S.S. Starship Amazon: The Final Conquest – A Captain Rodinhood Special 🙂

His name is Mulchand. He runs two ventures – one during the week, one over the weekend! And he makes me super jealous!! Find out more in the interview of the week! #MeetTheRodinhooders

ps: For those who came in late – #MeetTheRodinhooders is a special initiative in our interview section where any rodinhooder can interview another rockstar rodinhooder! So if you like interviewing people GET STARTED!!

How to cut your app development costs by 50% – Rahul Varshneya tells you all!

If you help yourself, others will help you… Gomti continues her story of despair & courage of growing up in a slum of Delhi. Her posts give me Vitamin IG. I for Inspiration. G for Gratitude (and goosebumps which refuse to leave…)

Weighing the pros and cons of the GST Bill for Indian Businesses – Priyam has decoded everything for you!


Queries on a Plate!

Rodinhooder Narinder’s wife Kiran has taken her first step towards becoming a home chef in Noida! Your suggestions would help her grow…

What’s the best funding option for a food venture? Pls tell Rodinhooder Anant!

Rodinhooder Atul is a full time govt employee but is keen to start up! Can he? Should he? He wants to hear yes – so please advise him HOW!!!

Rodinhooder Harsh wants to know how to market a B2B SaaS software?

Are you a Patanjali customer? Wanna be interviewed and included in the book ‘Patanjalize Your Brand – how a local brand forced the giants to re-think?’ YELL & TELL!



If you haven’t met Rodinhooder Aashish Chopra (the guy who makes all things viral) – watch him in his acting debut in this video and read what he did to make the video “share-worthy”



We’ve got 479 ventures featured in SHOWCASE! Check them out, share you feedback – good, bad, ugly, awesome! And if your product/startup isn’t there – PLS GO AHEAD AND FEATURE IT!

WE Mentor Connect – Bangalore – don’t miss this mentoring session for women entrepreneurs! Last date to apply is Aug 30

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Rodinhooder Mohul had a nasty accident and is recuperating from an op – we wish him a speedy recovery! Do tweet him your best wishes! 

Sending you a bit of my drama queen sky from this morning. It’s bright & sunny right now, though!!

in & out of the kitchen!!               



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co-founder & editor 
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  1. Rodinhooders,

    Ain’t the last bit on tweeting to Mohul so thoughtful?? Awesome Asha!

    In case you find the above link not working you can send your wishes here


  2. hey thanks so much sunaina! i fixed it :))))

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