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Start-up Dilemma. To be or not to be?

Hello TRH members.

Not many will remember me here. After having a gloriously failed start-up, I was hiding under the bunker that provided me with job security. My name is Parixit Jayesh Popat. I hail from Gujarat and now based out of sunny coast of Goa.

I come from hospitality industry and have been thriving since 2013. Recently I decided to call quits from my current job with hefty package and soon was asked to join a travel tech-start up. Now You all might wonder what is the big deal about it. Big deal is that company is incorporated by 03 guys who have designated themselves as directors. I’m the first person they have asked to join the team. I can give any designation I wish to call myself including CEO and COO ( It sounds stupid). I have worked with travel-tech companies like Ibibo in past. When it comes to this one, I will be solely heading this firm backed by this team of directors. Once on-board, I’m expected to set up departments, policies and get going. So let’s say it will be more like incubating a start-up.

I’m really confused.

  • Should I join this start up? Has anyone joined a company where you are first employee to join and have to start with creating your own offer letter and joining letter?
  • What would be an apt position considering that I would be looking at all the operations and also meeting potential investors?
  • What will be essential things that should be given priority?

Your thoughts here will really be helpful.

Now about the product.

The idea is to provide a one stop aggregator for all travel & stay needs in different cities which is currently scattered in different apps. It will felicitate to book bus, hotels, local travel, different leisure activities and much more from a single window. Let’s say around 80 different services that will be launched in different iterations. App is ready. They want to move to testing once I or someone else joins. Currently the app is called Trip-guru and the plan is to re-brand it to more catchy name. (Suggestions are welcome)

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Your thoughts on this will really be appreciated.

Humbly Yours,

Parixit Popat

Mail :

Tweet connect @parixitthakkar


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  1. I will answer with right questions that you need to ask yourself…only you can decide based on answer to some of these.
    Imagine What all you plan to do in next 2-3 years and what rewards you can expect for same?
    Does the opportunity match your passion and skills ?
    Are you motivated to do this, if you are confused then you wont be high on motivation …clear your confusion by asking multiple why, why,why…
    There may be reasons for directors to not take operational roles going forward, do you know the reasons and are you comfortable with those reasons?

    One key thing is to have very clear conversations and contracts with the company regarding your role and rewards like salary,equity etc.

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