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How technology can help you reach from point A to point B

Today, biggest challenge for many startups/SMEs is to sustain, scale and keep the revenue graph up.

So, How technology can help you reach from point A to point B?

If you are an entrepreneur, willing to scale your business, here is the deal.

You define point A and point B, and I will assist in helping you to reach point B, from point A.

Why do I wanna do this?

I love solving real life problems through technology.

Technology…what exactly you mean??

-1. Customized Applications (CRM, LMS, Cross Server Communication, APIs, etc)

-2. Automation(SMS, Email)

-3. Digital Marketing: Help you choose best medium(s) to reach your TG.

-4. UX : this matters a lot. Trust me.

-5. Building tech team & tech Infrastructure

Who & how capable am i?

Well, I have helped 4 SMEs(all different industries) to help them grow 10x in almost 2-3 years. By setting up technology infrastructure to help them serve their clients better and in bulk. to bring efficiency in the organization.

I recently helped Quikr too fixing the big bugs in their web portal, Which prevented them from the loss of crores of rupees. Loved their enthusiasm on appreciation & rewarding part.

What is the total cost associated to this?

-The thing which matters to me the most is to work on challenging projects. Create differences. i’m not the money guy BUT like most of us, I too need to pay my Bills, Rent, Food & Fuel that’s it. Savings are my learning.

If this excites you, let’s talk on and +91-9819074732(call, drop me text, whatsApp is cool), if you are situated in Delhi/Noida/Gurugram…a lot can happen over a cup of coffee.

PS: Need my CV/Portfolio? My linkedIn Profile & Recommendations are all you need to go through.


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  1. hey rizwan,
    i’ve moved your post to JOBS since that is where most rodinhooders seek/apply for services from others.
    if you add your twitter handle at the end of your post – it will help us mention you while tweeting this 🙂
    good luck!

  2. Thanks alot Asha!
    Twitter handle @tech_rizwan

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