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Suggestions on co-working space location in Mumbai

Hi Rodinhoods community!

I am helping some friends set up a co-working space in Mumbai. They have already built one in Delhi and now looking to expand to other metros.

While they are exploring a few options in Mumbai, I would love to get some feedback on which area/locality do people recommend could be a good fit for starting a co-working space.

Briefly, the space would typically range from a 3000-4000 sq. feet office and consist of meeting rooms and individual work spaces. The current Delhi center has members from various backgrounds – Early Stage Tech Founders/Start-ups, Freelancers, Remote teams of companies, Small businesses, students, etc.

The considerations in Mumbai would revolve around a location where they would be a good demand for such a space and one that is well connected/relatively easy to get to.

Suggestions are much appreciated,





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  1. hi chaitanya,

    pls add your twitter handle at the end of your post. helps me mention while tweeting. am sharing this link with mumbai rodinhooders. 

  2. Hey Chaitanya – Most people would prefer the Bandra-Andheri belt. Proximity to public transport facilities would be very helpful, and parking space is required. Powai is another great option.

  3. Thanks for the input Sushrut.

  4. Hi Chaitanya,

    You could consider the Andheri-Goregaon belt as well. 

    Factors in favour-Real Estate space availability and access to public transport.

    I for one would definitely sign up.

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