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Sumant Mandal on Finding the Right VC

As a part of the video series being shared here on TheRodinhoods, Sumant Mandal of Clearstone Venture Partners has talked about the challenges of finding the right VC. He says, “It’s no different from finding a wife!”

In this video, Sumant gives entrepreneurs some simple advice – to qualify potential investors on multiple dimensions:

i) What kind of ideas have they invested in the past?

ii) What kind of ideas are they investing in?

iii) What’s been their track record in terms of companies they have built? Is it the “old wine new bottle” or  “new wine old bottle”….?



Click on the wrapper below for the youtube link to the video:




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  1. Great video thanks!

    There should be one on finding the right mentor and convincing them to mentor you as well 😉

  2. maybe this will inspire a new post…. 🙂

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