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Sumant Mandal on The Art of Storytelling


Sumant Mandal of Clearstone Venture Partners demystifies the many challenges of raising Venture Capital via a series of crisp video interviews, for the rodinhoods!!

In this video Sumant speaks about the important and often ignored aspect of “Story Telling”!

Click on the wrapper below for the youtube link to the video:




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  1. Thank you!  🙂

  2. The best…, tx:)

  3. Asha,

    Thanks so much for posting this for all the Rodinhoods!  I’m the marketing director at Clearstone and helped put these videos together.  I’m so happy they can be broadcast to benefit entrepreneurs everywhere!

  4. hi holly,

    lovely to connect! you’ve done a great job with these bite-sized videos. they pack in a lot of punch!

    alok’s sent me the links to both sumant’s & jim’s videos which i shall be posting over a period of time. if there’s anything else you’d like me to share feel free to write to me at 🙂


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