6-hour workday – Learnings and conclusion

To improve productivity and give more personal time to our team members, we introduced the 6-hour workday in our organization. It’s been nearly 6 week...Read More

How To Design A Startup Office Space In Less Than 1 Lac

With many new businesses popping up in every corner of the country, office spaces are in a huge demand. With the office space rent taking up most of y...Read More

Why we rejected INR 6 Million in funding and bootstrapped our startup instead

Earlier this year (in 2017) my team was offered INR 60L or $100k in funding with a 1.5 Cr convertible note for a year old startup, which we had to pol...Read More

Mastering the art of Recruiting !!!

Recruitment is considered as hiring the right candidate for the right position, but to be honest this has been a challenge to many companies. We have ...Read More

How to create an e-commerce site with minimum cost?

The widespread use of internet and the modern day advancement in the same has caught the eye of every entrepreneur. The ways of doing online business ...Read More

10 Things you must keep in your Travel Bag!

Whether you are preparing for long term trip or short term trip, you often put serious thought on what to pack in your luggage bag. If you have a long...Read More

The Only List Of Food Bloggers Which Food Enthusiasts Need To See

As mentioned in the previous article, blogging is on the rise. And apart from fashion and beauty bloggers, another domain that’s taking over these day...Read More

Lunch with Rodinhood!

A couple of days back, Rodinhooder Anuradha Kulkarni pinged me and said, “Alok, are you free to meet on Friday, at your office”? I usually...Read More

We Compared The Cost Of Shared Office Space vs Private Office Space In Mumbai. The Results Are Surprising!

So, you’re ready to start your business and are on the hunt for an office space in Mumbai. You’ve got a million questions on your mind. Where do you g...Read More

Mumbai’s new startup, Adractive, pays people money to watch Advertisements

A Team based out of Mumbai, has developed an application, Adractive, which showcases people Advertisements and Entertainment separately. The applicati...Read More

“myly- school mobile app & ERP” launches a GPS based School Bus Tracking system for Schools

Jaipur, Jan. 23, 2016 – Gaurav Mundra, Co-founder and CEO of EduCommerce Technologies Pvt. Ltd., today announced that, the most trusted Sc...Read More

Why you should go for Facebook video marketing and not YouTube

The most common mistake companies are doing when it comes to digital video marketing is making the same video content and video marketing strategy for...Read More

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