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Thank You Rodinhoods! From Smartas…


I have seen huge traffic from the Rodinhoods to Smartas! with many unique visitors to our site.

This is so encouraging! I have seen a steady increase of people seeing our website through RODINHOODS from the day I featured our company in the listings here.

Got good feedbacks about the site and that means a lot for us! we will definitely improve on those areas..

Hats-off to Rodinhoods, for giving a platform to showcase our products….

Thank you Alok Sir, for creating such a medium for toddlers like us to learn & grow!

Our motto is to deliver People with products which they didn’t know it existed. We help our customer discover style in their everyday lives.

We are in the journey to create a consuming market for the customer with style & purpose at a very reasonable price.

We promote social shopping. This is a style shop.

This is my first experience getting into a startup community and being active in the discussion that is going on.

Special Thanks to Asha, for bearing with my silly typos & mails with lots of questions or follow-ups…

Its pretty hard to manage such an active forum!

Asha! you are doing a wonderful job 🙂 Best wishes to you….



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  1. thank you gopi…!

    am happy your post has created some buzz around your site.

    all the best to you too.

  2. Thanks Asha!

    My team is very happy with the response we got 🙂

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