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The push.

For someone who runs a startup design firm, it was scary to realize that most entrepreneurs design their logo themselves and it is the last thing on an entrepreneurs list of priorities. She wants to get it over with quickly and for little or zero money spent. This revelation bothered me, because I felt my potential customer base just didn’t seem to exist.

But then I decided, why not embrace this truth than run away from it. In hindsight, that was a very good decision.

So, on 2nd August 2012(according to my diary), I wrote a to-do: How to design a logo for startups guide. But the idea kept featuring in my to-do without ever getting scratched out. I didn’t anything about it. Guess it wasn’t on my list of priorities either 🙂 

But at the last open house I met Asha(our dear editor). She heard my idea with a lot of genuine enthusiasm and she was like ‘you should totally do this.’ She insisted I post it on the Rodinhoods.

So the next few days I spent crazy no. of hours (most of the time wondering what good is going to do for me) and posted the guide on the Rodinhoods. Got a lot of few hundred views instantly, thanks to the number of Rodinhood members (the right target audience).

But then something interesting began to happen, the guide slowly picked up momentum. Within 3 days the no. of views increased to a point where the guide was on Slideshare’s Hot on LinkedIn and as of yesterday(Sunday) the guide was on Slideshare’s ‘Featured’ section on their homepage (featured only for 16-20 hours sadly). It is still featured under the design – most popular section as of now(see below). 

The fact that so many people across the globe were/are viewing a guide that I made, many of them downloading it and quite a few people adding it to their favourite list, is quite unnerving.

6 days, 2808 views and 67 downloads of ‘3 simple steps to create a logo‘ later, I am slowly receiving project queries. What more could I ask for? All the seemingly wasted hours seem so totally worth it now.

I can’t thank Rodinhoods enough to provide this platform where I could showcase this guide generating the initial buzz (which was very critical).

I seriously hope we all explore the possibilities of social media through value addition and not through senseless advertising, and also make the most of this amazing platform.

Last but not the least, I thank Asha for pushing me, without which this guide would have still been on my to-do list. Thank you Asha, you rock!

Cheers, Nishchal


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  1. :))))))))))))))))

    it was all you nishchal and your deepfriedcolors!

    i just nudged u a bit… i’m glad things fell in place. 

    thank you for thanking me. now i can go about “nudging” some more rodinhooders….!

    and heyyy… congrats!!! 

  2. Congratulations Nischal…

    So can i say “Man, behind this successful initiative of yours, there is this Woman“? … 🙂


  3. Very nice read. Very well put together slideshare. One thing that I noted, and I can talk from my business perspective is to see see that Nishchal has actually dedicated a slide as Image Credits
    It is this bit by bit awareness that will make people realize that images are intellectual properties and cannot be used / lifted from Google or elsewhere. 
    I am so happy to see another fellow entrepreneur so conscious about it and giving the images its due. 

  4. 🙂

  5. Sugandha, thank you for giving me credit 🙂

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