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The Roller Coaster

One of the world’s greatest Roller Coaster designers (a monk) came to meet Sensei. Sensei introduced him to the monks and invited him to speak. Roller Coaster Monk showed the most incredible rides he had built; with photos of locations, screaming fans, etc.

Sensei said, “Roller Coaster Monk, what’s your inspiration to create these rides?”

Roller Coaster Monk replied, “Sensei, LIFE!!  My 85 degree Uphill Ride is what happens when life becomes too difficult; the Twisty Loopy Spiral is when life twists and twists us; the Bullet Shot is when life zooms ahead like a thunder bolt and the Heart Attack Drop is when the most unexpected events”.

Sensei nodded and asked, “And, what’s the most difficult ride to create?”

Roller Coaster Monk took a deep breath, paused and replied, “Creating The End. No one likes the end, but it has to be.”

Sensei clapped three times and said, “Life is nothing but a series of Roller Coaster rides. And The End is the greatest ride of them all. Ride the Ride, knowing just that. And thank Buddha for having designed something so wonderfully thrilling.”



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