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The Seven Deadly Sins for Mobile App Downloads!

This is the presentation I made at IIT Mumbai 2016 and previously at a Nasscom Product Conclave. It seems to have struck a chord with many people, and lots of Rodinhooders have requested me to share this PPT so that they can apply these learnings to their own businesses.

Being in the games business allows me to get creative while bringing forth insights on generating app downloads, organically, that we at games2win have picked up along the way. I stress ‘organically’, because, we’ve been successful in generating 86 million downloads (as on 30th June 2016) WITHOUT spending a single $US…!

I hope this PPT gets your creative juices running and inspires you to get innovative in your approach to your business. Do share your feedback and ideas in the comments below! 

Ps – If you are browsing via a mobile device, click on the IN logo (linkedin) and directly view this deck on slideshare or flip to Landscape mode. The UX is much better 🙂


In case you wanna download and save this deck, click on the image :


Many thanks to Ranjana and team NPC for uploading and sharing this video with us! Alok’s presentation starts around at 36 mins!



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  1. Thanks Alok. 

    This one ppt made my trip to Mumbai so worth it…also gave me a lot of ideas for Finqa though still trying to figure out the link between lust and finance 🙂

  2. i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve already gone through this ppt. respect alok!

  3. Using lessons in this ppt for improving our app!

    #Gratitude and yes #Respect


  4. Superbly simplified…

  5. Superb! Would try to incorporate some of these in the android app for 365hops as we go forward.

  6. Awesome!

  7. Alok Sir, this is one PPT which I have been longing to grab ever since #NPC2014. I realised that I can apply the same deadly sins in Consumer Psyche to both Nirogam and HoneymoonSwami. Thank you so much. #MuchAppreciated #Gratitude

  8. Abhik,

    I think there is a connection between Lust and Finance. 
    Lust = Doing things you can’t do.

    In finance, people do things which they can’t do i.e. set unachievable goals. If Mohan can save Rs. X per month, he sets an unrealistic target to save Rs. Y crores, over Z number of years. That is lust.
    a) This lust should be exploited by FINQA to come up with a ready calculator and break the false perception by showing them on what is actually possible. 
    b) And at the same time, FINQA can provide them innovative solutions to give them unique options, which takes them closer to their lust i.e. people might know only a few diversification options to park their money. Give them new ways to invest (Art, Agri-land, commodities, derivatives, forex, Fractional ownership)

  9. As I understood – your 7 Sins applicable to Lifestyle Apps like ours – Whoopiee 
    1. Sloth – Lazy – Make your App UI and UX so easy and intuitive that any lazy person can use it – essentially eliminating decision making from consumer – easy on his mind

    2. Pride –
    –User should feel smart that he was able to discover and use the App to its full potential – he becomes best reviewer, highest questions answerer, highest like generator etc 
    – Stuff liked you post on a celebrity entrepreneur’s facebook and he personally responds…

    3. Wrath – Give users a platform to express their emotions about bad quality, service – reviews comments rating etc.
    4. Greed – Referral Marketing & Incentives to download and use App – cud be expensive for startups – along with the trade-off of getting quality users or just users.
    5. Greed – give so many freebies that it finally becomes a habit – cud be expensive for a startup again
    6. Envy – Privileges of being a repeat user maybe – free credits, early access, special edition etc.

    7. Gluttony – this is confusing – one side investors say , ” what is the uniqueness in your product – what is new and unseen”” 
    Here it seems – we shud do stuff people are use to and requires no new habit forming process..

    P.S – Content marketing seems to be another option which Alok did by creating this PPT and regularly does with his posts, tweets etc and i just tried by posting the above response

  10. This was an amazing insight, Alok!

  11. hey all,

    the video of this presentation has been added to the post! happy viewing 🙂

  12. Thanks, this is pretty insightful.

  13. bravo, what an awesome presentation Alok! another late night hour spent well (watched video only until 59 mins 🙂 )..

  14. Nice presentation – The pick up for me is – if you can fulfill greed , you will be able to employ slaves !! 

  15. Hi alok
    You are truly genius

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