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There are no Accidents

Hello Rodinhooders,

Over the years I have had many wonderful experiences, so I felt it was time for me to let them off and let you know a bit more about me. I was always a shy guy, less friends, less talks, always in my own dreamy world. But life teaches a lot of lovely lessons. And a few here I share with you today.

Circa 1998:

Summer of that year, I was in my hometown Junagadh, Gujarat. During that time I.T. and hardware were like rockstars. I remember my cousin who is yet in the hardware business, he had a very awesome shop in the town, it was exactly opposite to the only big College in the town called Bahauddin College. It was a prime location for anyone to start a Cafe / Fast Food joint, that’s when I said to my cousin and my parents that he should start a Cafe, and that moment my mom said “Ja baar jai ne rekdi lagao” (go out and start a stall), these words I kept on hearing until 2004. May be there was someone trying to tell me, get into it, that’s your world, but I didn’t I followed the rules of this so called normal world.

This is Bahauddin College.

Circa 2006:

I won’t ever forget this year in my life, it twisted the whole fate of my journey till date. A large number of true faces came out in the front, out of that airy smoke and into the real world life. I moved to U.K. for further studies and doing my graduation. And I was like WoW, a new awesome freedom filled enjoyable life. And that’s when all my dreams came crashing down, London Heathrow world’s busiest airport and a family boy in this nasty world. I was blank, but I stayed focused, I grew, learnt, did everything on my own, became a shameless guy, I would do everything just like your house-maid or servant. I learnt a very important lesson while buying my laptop which I yet remember Nothing is for free in this world”  

 This was the year when I saw family, friends and all being like the best with me, why as I was in London, and everyone would call, chat, text me. 

Circa 2008:

Just like the lovely recession Ciracross the world, I too fell off from my studies, and I quit. This was the year of the biggest downfall and the best roller-coaster ride ever for me.

June, 2008 I was back in Mumbai, home-no-more-home. Well family was happy, so were friends, but things had changed from 2006. Never knew 2 years away from family can change life a lot. I was happy but a lot of them weren’t. My dad was in debt, due to my education, and I had come empty handed. So my whole family was annoyed with me. I had planned to re-join Mumbai University, and do a simple graduation. But I never did. From 2008 until 2009 I just did run away from responsibilities, and today when someone asks me what happened then, even I don’t have an answer to it. 

I became an LIC agent and never sold even a single policy. I know that’s stupid of me and I should have acted a bit mature.

Circa 2011:

I joined Trident, BKC as a Finance Assistant on a one year contract, and I felt my life is back on track, I was doing my C.A. flunked in IPCC ( CA Inter). And got a good job, a proper 9 to 6 job. Family happy, I happy, but money too low. Never mind at-least I had a job. A year of an experience with fun and sadness, but I knew I wouldn’t be here for more than 3 years max. But I was never offered a new contract, since I couldn’t play politics. I can’t so I didn’t walked out with pride, that instead of being a slave I walked my own path. 

2012 – 2014:

A dream which came alive, my own cafe, apna khud ka thela. But was this thela worth all these years. I would say a loud YES, I did it, a dream of 1998 now finally realized. During the span I saw how my friends who would call me at each and every event now have even forgotten calling me even on my birthday, how my own family has thrashed me, instead of helping out they all left me out. I sit out of every conversation and speak only when asked about my opinion. I’m just like nobody to everybody. I risked my all, success is not what I want, nor money is what I need, all I ask is for some care.

And since 2007, I had a companion, a friend, a 3 a.m. talker, adviser, partner and now my soon-to-be-path-walker. I can’t name her, but she is the only one who has backed me everywhere, believed in me, she is the one who has funded my dream. And I know I’m luckiest person on earth only due to her.

here is a link to a video which can describe a bit of my past perfectly and aptly:


Karan Pandhi

Founder @Veging

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  1. Great…Karan Veging Pandhi…..may your thela reach great heights

  2. Thanks a lot Arpit. Do come down to our first outlet in Vile Parle. 


    Karan Pandhi


  3. finding a way out of noway!!!!!!!!

    your post simply gives the strength…….

  4. Thanks Yo Gesh,

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