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TheRodinhoods -The Google of Entrepreneurship


I still remember the day when I wrote to Alok sir seeking his views and inputs for my Research Project on Entrepreneurship & Start-up Ecosystem as a part of my BMS curriculum.Being an ardent follower of TheRodinhoods and Alok Sir, I was really looking forward to his views on entrepreneurship. Who better, than a person who has built 4 companies from scratch, could guide you the said topic! Yes, I expected a reply, but was thrilled to see a mail pop in my inbox rather quick. Not just had Alok Sir agreed to lend his views but also gave me an opportunity to visit the Games2win office and personally interact and discuss with him. And it got me excited like a school kid with an A+ !

 So on 27th August, 2013 I land at the Games2win office along with my dad. And I must mention that the place had a different sort energy and vibrancy to it. Everyone was so warm and had a smile adorning their face. It was indeed heartening to meet Alok Sir who took me through his entrepreneurial journey in a detailed manner.The success, challenges, difficulties in his journey helped me understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Sir’s insights on the current start-up ecosystem scenario proved very helpful.I was also privileged to receive a treasure trove of knowledge in the form of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.

It was so good to see someone so successful like Alok Sir be so grounded and humble, one of the important lessons I Learned that day

But it did not end there.The rays of learning continued through the Rodinhoods OpenHouse session that I had attended as well as after becoming a member of the therodinhoods.

I avidly followed his blog posts on TheRodinhoods & facebook but never imagined that someday i’d get a chance to meet him. But then dreams do come true, if you try 🙂

 Alok Sir’s ideas, views and insights have given an edge to my Research project (a copy of which I have attached herein) helping me score a neat 95 on 100 in the Mumbai Unversity boards while gaining the approbation of the examiners. The Research Project was selected to represent at the Avishkar Research Convention organised by the University of Mumbai and also cleared the first level.

Overall, The informative meet with Sir, attending TheRodinhoods seminar & regularly following therodinhoods forum has helped me learn a lot about Entrepreneurship & strengthened my resolve to become an entrepreneur.

For all those who think TheRodinhoods is a forum only for existing entrepreneurs and professionals, I’d beg to differ. TheRodinhoods is an equally welcoming entrepreneurial forum for students who harbor entrepreneurial dreams and even for those who don’t because the energy of this place will drive you to become one.You learn anything & everything about entrepreneurship here- you can simply call it the google of Entrepreneurship!

Indeed there is so much to learn and share here.

A BIG Thank You to Alok Sir, Asha Ma’am & all the rodinhooders for being a source of inspiration! 🙂


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  1. lovely post sukanya!

    your last para summed everything up so beautifully 🙂

    keep rocking!!

  2. happy b’day sukanya! have a wonderful one!

    long time no word! would love to know what you’re doing nowadays!! 

    do stay in touch 🙂

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