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Think. Do. Win. Wear. Rodinhood. Tee. January. Winners. Announced!


I must admit, I’m overwhelmed by the speed at which emails pop up in my inbox nowadays. I’m talking about email notifications for content approval!

Rodinhooders – give yourselves a big round of applause for sharing such amazing content – you’ve made my life delightful, and yet, very difficult when it comes to choosing the monthly winners!!!

Newcomers – meet Ronak Hindocha in his Rodinhood Tee Shirt and read how you can win & wear one as well 🙂

[Ronak is one of the December winners]


And the January tee winners for writing awesome stories are –

Perzen Darukhanawala is a regular contributor to trhs. And she never disappoints. Read her interesting piece on long working hours. 

Another rockstar woman entrepreneur! Meet Soumya Jain who swept us all off our feet with her “glam” story.

We have two entrepreneurs from Pakistan who have won our hearts proving that there are no virtual borders…

If you haven’t read Waqas Ali’s journey – read it right now. We take a lot of things for granted. And Waqas’ inspiring story serves as a big reminder.

This awesome app idea from Lahore is Think + Do at its best! You’ve wowed us Ali Rehan!

Debut posts on trhs are getting to be more and more inspiring! Deep Malhotra’s Rethi, Cement, Dotcom says it all.

This month’s Rodinhood Laptop Skin goes to Sridhar V – an active Rodinhooder since Aug.’12. He always has something insightful to say. His suggestions add value to many posts. Thank you Skinmantra!

[Abhik Prasad with his new Rodinhood skin]



[Thank you Abhik, for giving us this memorable Rodinhood-Apple moment!]


Congrats Winners! Here’s what you gotta do – 

Send an email to therodinhoods Co-ordinator, Manoj – [cc] with your mailing address & phone number and pls mention your tee size – S, M, L or XL [size reference – Alok wears L].

Pls check the size chart – width of tees:

S – 19 inches     M – 20 inches    L –  21 inches    XL – 22 inches



There are some really good posts that didn’t win anything except awe & appreciation 🙂

Make sure you’ve read them all – 

Sudarsan Ravi’s mature post that deconstructs feedback

Vishal Khandelwal’s unique ode to Aaron Swartz

Abhik Prasad’s noble idea of saving cyclists needs to be applauded and supported

ASK is definitely sizzling hot property on trhs. I suggest you regularly go through the posts there. It’s a goldmine of relevant advice. Check out the kind of response this post got on ‘starting an online store’ –


Also, I wanted to mention that I salute every meaningful piece of advice all of you give each other. So keep commenting, keep sharing your learnings. It really really helps.

Check out Abhishek ‘s comment. This is the spirit that makes me smile a thousand times a day!


If someone’s advice or suggestion has helped you – pls feel free to acknowledge it in TESTIMONIALS. It’s heartening and motivating!

My “send your pic” spiel – Previous/current tee winners – pls send me ( a pic of you wearing your rodinhood tee to be included in our facebook page Rodinhood Tee Winners album. Or simply add it here on this thread as a comment!




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  1. Very nice! 

    I have a bit of philosophical quibble with the Think, Do, Be bit.  🙂

    I am coming to the realization that all we need to do is Be.  The do will automatically fall into place and then thinking becomes just entertainment on the edge of the dynamic rush.  :)) 

    Okay that’s going to be extremely challenging to get to work at a practical level.  Next life.  :))

  2. abey – you’ve got a LOT TO DO in this life.

    i really want to see your profile up in ADVISORS. so BE that advisor!

    you’ve got so much value to add abey – and this is not me saying – so many rodinhooders mention your name….

  3. The post is almost ready and it is a 3000 word monster. Just putting the finishing touches to it. Will put it up this week. For sure. 🙂

  4. The Rodinhoods

    Thank you so much for the appreciation of our work and Think. Do. “tee”! Im anxiously waiting for it 😀

    In general, the response and feedback that we have received from the community is really encouraging. We thank everybody at Rodinhoods for that! 🙂 

    Ali Rehan

    CEO, Eyedeus Labs

    P.S Do checkout the latest version of the app on AppStore.

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