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We don’t work on Weekends :)

Dear All,

Just a quick note (especially for the newbies) to say, like most other humans, we don’t work 24×7 or 365 days a year!!

So if you’ve posted at 9.45pm or 1am – pls don’t expect us to check out your post at that hour!!! We may not follow any hard & fast office hours – but let’s be reasonable here folks! 

(yep, i’ve seen stinkers in the main room saying “moderator must be sleeping”….!). Yes, I plead guilty – I do sleep at night!!!

Infact, like NING (the platform we operate on) – WE DON’T WORK OVER WEEKENDS!

[image source:]

So pls don’t expect your approvals to happen over the weekend or on a calendar holiday. Infact, even on a weekday, it may take a two or three days depending on how much content has come through!! And depending how well you’ve written your post!! We aren’t a notice board. Our content is curated in a certain way. We follow some basic site hygiene! The idea is to ensure your post is worthy of everyone’s time; and to help you get adequate response…!

We are 7100+ 8300+ 9600+ 11,300+ members and counting so you can fathom the amount of content that comes through every single day!

You may find moderators online on a weekend, but that only means we are doing other admin stuff. Or tweaking the site. We can appreciate that you might find time to write over the weekends. But pls appreciate the fact that your content can be approved on a Monday morning. In case something is super urgent we are just an email away!

Thank you for understanding!

Happy Weekend folks!

(co-founder & editor)

ps: In case you are wondering why this is being posted on a Sunday…. well I’m constantly pinged about approvals (even on 26th Jan!!!) so I thought this should be made official 🙂


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  1. With the kind of work you are doing everyday…easy to assume you work on weekends as well! Thanks for clearing that up!

  2. Much needed post Asha!!! COmpletely understand your point and I just hope others too get that. Enjoy your weekends !!!

  3. Asha Mam,

    Tame toh todi naikho, fodi naikho, su vaat che 😛 (you just broke, thrashed, well said) 🙂 

    People don’t expect that there is some bot working to check your post and let it be updated at the moment you post it. This is run by the hard work, sweat, and blood of so many people in this community,

    Thank you mam for letting everyone how this community works.

    I second your views mam:) 

  4.  missing “LiKe” option here 😉 or Super Duper LiKe 🙂 🙂

  5. I Thought I was Missing Seeing this, We now need to Sticky This 🙂 

  6. hahah sir Darshan you, your posts and your Pics always rock. Never but you but definitely would love to

  7. Thanks Asha!!

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